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The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness - a third off until midday Monday

Helen Thorne | May 30th 2014

I don't think it's just me, there seems to be a distinct feeling of weariness about and more than a few conversations are revolving around the need for a holiday (or two!).

Once you put together work, family responsibilities, serving at church, hobbies and studies with some social activities (and the occasional nod in the direction of housework and DIY) it can all seem a little overwhelming.

So, as we approach that time of year when many of us will be slowing down - at least for a few days, why not take some time to think about why we get so busy and what we can do about it?

The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness is a great way to refresh and reorientate. Get it this weekend for £5.99 (usually £8.99) using code busy3005 at the checkout.

Offer expires at midday on Monday 2nd June.


The World We All Want book and DVD for just £10!!

James Burstow | May 23rd 2014

Today sees the launch of the brand new DVD for The World We All Want, presented by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis.

Tim and Steve developed The World We All Want as an outreach course that uses people's idea of the kind of world they would like to live in as a springboard for unpacking from the Bible the wonderful future that is offered to followers of Jesus. Starting in Revelation, going back to Genesis and stopping at various places in between, they show how the kind of world we all long for is exactly what is promised to those who live in relationship with our loving heavenly Father.

The DVD is a great complement to the existing Handbook and Leader's Guide and will be particularly welcome for visual learners and perhaps those less used to studying the Bible.

We're launching the DVD today for £12.74, but blog readers can pick up a copy of the DVD and Handbook for just £10 all in!

Just use the code 'twwawdeal' at the checkout to get the deal. Offer expires Monday 26th May at midday.

Watch the first episode of the DVD for free to get a taster:


A Praying Life - 35% off!

Dean Faulkner | May 16th 2014

In this noisy world with so much busyness engulfing us, sometimes it feels impossible to find quality time with the Lord. The pressures of life seem to "block our path" to a fulfilling prayer life.

Then we give in. We let our prayer times diminish week-on-week. And wonder why there is so much wrong in the world - and in us.

Then there are those moments when our world collapses - something goes horribly wrong - redundancy, bereavement, debilitating illness... People avoid us because they don’t know what to say.

We know we need God desperately. But somehow even God Himself seems strangely silent. Want to know why?

A Praying Life is an honest look at the difficulties of prayer, unanswered prayers, and successes in prayer. Readers will appreciate Paul Miller's down-to-earth approach and practical nature. Parents will find his family-life experiences especially helpful.

Get it here for £7.14, that's 35% off! Use the code apl605 at the checkout. Offer expires midday 19th May 2014.


Just Love - only £1!

Dean Faulkner | May 2nd 2014

Our God is a loving God isn't he? A God who will protect and guide us. So how is it that he can punish us for our sin? How can he dish out retribution?

Punishment of our sins is not a popular topic even among Christians well versed in the Bible. We can find it an uncomfortable and a tough topic. Just Love by Ben Cooper is written from a first hand perspective of someone who struggled to come to terms with this area of his faith. Amazingly, we discover that only by understanding God’s determination to punish sin can we truly appreciate His astounding love — unique love that is truly just, yet freely available.

Written with sceptical non-Christians in mind as well as Christians struggling with the concept of a God who punishes sin. Read more HERE and get your copy for just £1!


Encounters with Jesus just £8.99 until midday on Monday!

Dean Faulkner | April 25th 2014

In this post-Easter period, it seems appropriate to reflect on just how many people Jesus came in to contact with after his resurrection. Whether on that Easter morning at the tomb or the encounter on the road to Emmaus or one of the many appearance to his disciples, Jesus touched people's lives in a major way. Of course, he did this too before his death.

In Encounters with Jesus, Tim Keller features ten conversations from John's Gospel that show how Jesus changed the lives of every person he met. Those conversations confronted common doubts and questions like "who am I?"' "why am I here?", "what do I believe?" and "what is my purpose in life?" Keller believes the biblical answers from those "powerful" encounters with Christ long ago contain invaluable lessons for us today.... continue reading


Eternity changes everything - £2.50 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | April 11th 2014

How much time do you spend worrying what the future holds? The look of the future often affects how we feel currently. A bright future helps us feel content whereas an uncertain future can bring the opposite feelings.

If you are worried about your future… if you can't quite see how the future is going to make a difference to the here and now … or if you simply want to get more excited about where you will spend eternity ... then have a read of Stephen Witmer's, Eternity Changes Everything.

In this book, Witmer lifts up our eyes to see beyond the “now” that presses in on us to what is eternal. More than that, he lifts up our eyes to see the eternal God in the magnificence of his redeeming purposes. What encouragement this brings to the spiritually weary and what challenge it brings to those tempted to fall sleep amid the buzz and plenty of our modern world! This treatment of deep, biblical themes is fresh, pastoral and stimulating.

Read more and get the book HERE for just £2.50 until midday on Monday. Use code hece0414 at the checkout.


Gospel Centred Family - just £2 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | April 4th 2014

Well it's the end of another school term - hands up parents who can't wait for the Easter break! My wife and I are certainly in that category. It's been a long term, the kids are tired and grotty, they have had enough of school already with Sats, mock test this, assessment that. Their lethargy and irritable nature is in danger of bringing the house down!

So how do we as parents cope with this and other things that family life throws at us?

Tim Chester understands what it means to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your daily life. So, in his very practical book about family life - Gospel Centred Family - he shows what it means to rest in grace as parents, to respond with grace to our children and to teach them to hope in grace themselves. This book is a must read for parents. It brims with encouraging grace and practical direction on every page.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £2 using code gcf0414 at the checkout.


Contending for Our All by John Piper: 45% off!

Dean Faulkner | March 28th 2014

In Contending for Our All, John Piper tells the stories of three people, Athanasius, John Owen and J. Gresham Machen, who were willing to contend for Jesus Christ in the face of opposition, and to suffer for the sake of guarding the gospel. They are an example and an inspiration to Christians today.

Read more and get the book HERE for just £4.99 until midday on Monday. Use code cfoa0314 at the checkout.


Delighting in the Trinity - over 80% off!

Dean Faulkner | March 21st 2014

Earlier this week, we offered you a great deal on the ebook version of Delighting in the Trinity. This weekend, we've got an even better deal on the tree book!

It's a difficult concept isn't it? If we're honest, most of us struggle to get our heads around this wonderful aspect of God's nature, but in his book, Delighting in the Trinity, Tim Chester helps us see that the Trinity is brilliant news and a doctrine that has huge implications for our day-to-day living as Christians. It is a complex subject, for sure, but Chester walks us through it with a warmth, clarity and wisdom that makes this a great read.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £1.50 until midday Monday. Please use code ditt2103 at the checkout.


Living The Cross Centered Life - £5 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | March 14th 2014

Continuing our recent blog deal theme, in the build up to Easter, of looking at the cross, here is another great little book from C J Mahaney.

The cross is the very centre of the Christian faith, but that simple truth can sometimes be easy to forget. So how do we remember to focus every day on this reality with all that surrounds us?

Mahaney in his book, Living the Cross Centered Life implores us not to move on from the foot of the cross and examines the deepest truths of the events of Calvary.

Read more about the book and buy it HERE for just £5 using the code ccl0314 at the checkout.

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