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How to Host a "Forever Party" to Help Kids Understand Eternity

Bethany McIlrath | May 2nd 2022

Joni Eareckson Tada’s new kid’s book The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party helps kids understand—and get excited about—a future for ever with Jesus. 

To help this wonderful truth stick, kids benefit from hearing the storybook and engaging with it and the concepts via games, crafts, colouring and more. Throwing a “Forever Party” for your family or a kid’s ministry is a great way to make the truth about forever-with-Jesus memorable.... continue reading

Reading the Bible is Like Watching Netflix

Gary Millar | January 18th 2022

I am absolutely convinced that every single person who is reading this already has the skills necessary to read and understand the Bible. Why am I so sure? Let me give you a one-word answer: Netflix. (Or any other streaming service!) Watching a movie or box set actually requires a very sophisticated set of skills to make sense of what’s going on. And it all starts as we simply watch and listen carefully.... continue reading

Resolutions for the New Year

Avery Powers | December 16th 2021

It may not be 2022 quite yet, but we’re already looking forward to leaving the old behind (looking at you, Omicron) and moving on to what’s ahead. If you’re looking to make New Year’s resolutions or just to start fresh in some areas of life in 2022, here are some of our favorite reads to help you make meaningful progress.... continue reading

Biblical wisdom for getting along with family during the holidays

Avery Powers | December 9th 2021

Spending time with family can be, well, hard. Even if you have great relationships with the people you spend your holidays with, they may have expectations you can’t (or don’t want to) live up to. You may get picked on for being the youngest, or the oldest, or otherwise black sheep-ish.... continue reading

I’m Dreaming of a Thankful Christmas

Ed Drew | November 23rd 2021

Every family does Christmas differently. My wife’s family would open their presents at the kitchen table, each opening one gift at a time with a few words of surprise and comment from others. I found it a bit intense (and the moment her mom held up her new knickers will live with me forever). We grew up with all of us opening our presents at the same time. It worked for us. Until the wrapping-paper blizzard. In that moment, it felt like my family were ripping through each present without gratitude or any sense that someone had generously given it to them.... continue reading

Using Christmas Carols to Gather your Community

James Burstow | November 4th 2021

This year there is an opportunity to use Christmas carols to draw people together again. We may still need to be creative in how we do that, and we certainly need to consider how to help people feel safe and comfortable when they may not have sung in public for nearly two years—but this Christmas we have a chance to put the local church carol service back at the heart of the community.... continue reading

Christmas Cards in an Instant Age

Emily Robertson | October 14th 2021

There’s something wonderfully warming about receiving a handwritten card or letter. Having endured multiple lockdowns over the last 18 months, the importance of letters, parcels and personal signs of relationship over physical distance has been brought into sharper focus. Every card that was sent or received symbolised connection that couldn’t be expressed in other ways.... continue reading

Telling Stories to God's Glory

Jackie Hill Perry | August 26th 2021

Right now a lot of people are turning away from or changing their beliefs, not based on theology but based on compelling narratives that they’ve heard. Stories are literally shaping the way people think about God and sex and sin and money.... continue reading

Uncomplicating Prayer: One Word Changes Everything

J D Greear | August 3rd 2021

For many of us, prayer is a struggle. There are plenty of reasons for this: we aren’t sure prayer works; we don’t know how to reconcile prayer with God’s sovereignty; we’ve had unanswered prayers in the past. But one of the most common obstacles goes deeper than all that: many of our prayer struggles arise from a fundamentally wrong view of God. We see God as reluctant and distant. Sure, he listens to us, but it’s not his favourite thing to do—and honestly, it requires a lot of patience on his part. ... continue reading

How Do I Keep A Feeling of Contentment?

Jennie Pollock | July 8th 2021

They’re few and far between, aren’t they, those days of transcendent joy? You’ve probably experienced a few of them in your life—when the guy you liked finally noticed you; when you got accepted to the college you’d been dreaming of; when you slept well, woke up late and knew the vacation was just beginning. But a life can’t all be highlights, and I’m sure you’ve had more than one moment of wondering, “How do I keep a feeling of contentment on the ordinary days, let alone the difficult days?”... continue reading