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Two stories of gospel hope amidst the pain of complicated pregnancies

Dr Lizzie Ling | June 30th 2020

The following anecdotes are true stories but the names have been changed.... continue reading


Watch a movie, then start a gospel conversation

Catherine Parks | June 25th 2020

The visual arts give us a means of expressing our deepest feelings, fears, and joys, even if we don’t realize to whom we are expressing them. ... continue reading


Pastor's Kids: Well-known but unknown

Barnabas Piper | June 22nd 2020

On a purely lifestyle level, one of the greatest challenges pastor’s kids (PKs) face is scrutiny. It feels perpetual and persistent, even invasive.... continue reading


Give yourself a COVID-19 spiritual health check

Rico Tice | June 19th 2020

When our health is at stake, medics will check our vital statistics. But medics at my church long for their patients to take a spiritual health check, too.... continue reading


The cross: the most precious gift we have to offer the world

Richard Coekin | June 18th 2020

Many Christians may feel familiar with the basics of Christ crucified. But the more we can understand about the cross, the more we’ll delight in God’s amazing grace.... continue reading


The gospel is not a good cop/bad cop routine

Kevin DeYoung | June 16th 2020

We tend to repackage the word “sin,” because we know instinctively that people find the idea, and even the word itself, offensive.... continue reading


Loving the Lonely (from 6 feet away)

Alison Mitchell | June 15th 2020

Do you know anyone who’s lonely? My guess is you do—and maybe more people than you think.... continue reading


Christian, read fiction

Karen Swallow Prior | June 11th 2020

We shouldn’t think of books as merely an educational tool.... continue reading


Eating to glorify God

Kelly Needham | June 9th 2020

There is growing fear around food in our society.... continue reading


LET US PRAY: Prayers From Women of Color - Ka Richards

Ka Richards | June 8th 2020

We’ve invited women of color to help all of us lift our eyes to the Lord of all and speak to him as our Father about the times we’re walking through.... continue reading

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