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Celebrating International Women’s Day With Reads by Female Authors

Avery Powers | 7 Mar 2024

God has made every woman in his image, and he says that's very good—so that's something to celebrate!

March 8 is International Women’s Day, so we’ve compiled a few books to help you reflect on God’s good plan for women. Read on for our recommendations for every girl from 7 to 97.

For Little Ones

It’s Good to Be a Girl

Mother-daughter duo Jen and Zoe Oshman spell out a handful of reasons why it’s so good to be a girl in their appropriately titled storybook, It’s Good to Be a Girl. The memorable refrain “Let’s thank our God, rejoice and twirl, because it’s good to be a girl!” is adapted and repeated throughout the book for little readers to declare. The authors share about several godly women from the Bible and throughout later history who young girls can look up to, like Priscilla, Lydia, Harriet Tubman and Esther Ahn Kim.

A few more reasons to love this book:

  • It teaches young girls that their gender is very good.
  • It explains the meaning of “Ezer”, or “helper”, in the Bible.
  • It makes for a great bedtime read.
  • Free resources, coming soon!

The Do Great Things for God Series

Christian history is packed with rich stories of faithful men and women from all over the world. The Do Great Things for God series sheds light on a handful of those stories, highlighting hymn-writers in New York all the way to Bible-translators in the Congo. The two newest additions to the series tell the stories of Civil Rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer and pastor’s wife and author Susannah Spurgeon. Biographies on faithful male believers are coming in 2025!

There are so many reasons to love this series. Here are a few more:

  • These books celebrate how God works through his followers in a multitude of ways—whether their accomplishments are big or small in the world’s eyes.
  • Free worksheets, curriculum, beautiful prints, family projects and more are available for each book!

Deborah and the Very Big Battle

Getting little ones excited about Old Testament Bible stories without losing sight of the text can be tricky. The Very Best Bible Stories series is interactive and engaging for toddlers, all while remaining true to the biblical text. Deborah and the Very Big Battle tells the story of Deborah, an Old Testament judge, and how God helped her win a very big battle. This book offers a great role model for young girls!

You can share the story of another brave woman with Esther and the Very Brave Plan.

Here are a few more reasons to love not just this book, but the whole series:

  • The series’ illustrator takes care to feature ethnically accurate and diverse characters in all of her illustrations
  • The books are not only biblically sound, but they also invite little ones to chime in with shouts of “chaaaarrge!” and “roar!”

For Grown Ups

His Testimonies, My Heritage

The word of God, unpacked by believing women of colour. His Testimonies, My Heritage is filled with contributions by nine faithful teachers—all of whom incorporate their own testimonies as they exposit Psalm 119.

Contributing authors include Kristie Anyabwile, Jackie Hill Perry, K.A. Ellis and more.

Beautifully Distinct

As modern-day Christians, how should we engage with the big controversies and day-to-day topics of our culture: things like movies and books, body image and prejudice? How can we avoid becoming more like the world without completely checking out from it?

In Beautifully Distinct, female believers of all walks of life join to discuss different areas of our culture so that you can be better equipped to engage with it.

He Gives More Grace

Motherhood can leave us feeling as anxious about “getting it right” as it does joyful. The mother-daughter duo behind He Gives More Grace put together 30 devotions designed to infuse a dose of grace into your every day. The chapters are short and digestible, making the book a do-able addition to your life.

A few more reasons to love He Gives More Grace:

  • Sarah and Linda’s combined experiences of motherhood cover a breadth of seasons 
  • and situations, making this devotional applicable to mums of every age.
  • The book focuses on Jesus rather than on your efforts—helping you to find even more freedom and hope!

Beautiful Freedom 

How can we think biblically about and take care of our bodies without caring too much—or simply neglecting our health? Releasing May 2024, Beautiful Freedom offers a biblical approach to the ways we think about health, fitness, ageing, and looking a certain way. 

This book is an invitation to think about our bodies in a God-centred way, helping you to find balance.

To enjoy more books by and for women, head to our website. 

Avery Powers

Avery is our Marketing Engagement Specialist. She manages our global social media channels and works alongside authors to help share about their books. You can often find her sharing stories in our bookstore at conferences.

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