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You May Have Missed These Two Times Jesus Claimed to Be God

Jason Meyer | August 9th 2022

Normally, a disciple would ask a teacher if they could learn the Torah from him. But in this case, it is the other way around. Not only that, but Jesus did not ask. He commanded. In this sense he is more like a prophet than a normal teacher. But here the surprise goes further. Prophets did not call people to follow themselves but God. Yet Jesus commanded people to “follow me” (my emphasis). Jesus is more than a prophet. He is the Lord and King.... continue reading

How Our Culture Disciples Our Children

Chris Swain | August 6th 2022

Teaching your children to walk pales in comparison to teaching them to walk with wisdom in a world flooded with foolishness. Likewise, teaching your children to talk, and use proper grammar is child’s play compared to teaching them to be slow to speak, and to do so with grace and humility amidst the godless banter of modern media.... continue reading

To the Discipling Parent Whose Child Seems Disconnected

Melissa Swain | August 5th 2022

Connection. If you’re like most of us, you think about connection in the context of our digital age—connected via social media, gaming, video platforms and even the electrical grid. Always on, always going. Disconnecting is what everyone is screaming about, as they post waterfall photos to show the rest of the world just how unplugged they are. But what if connection is something we need? I don’t mean with thousands of strangers via social media. I mean with our kids. ... continue reading

To the Parent Who is Discipling Their Kids Alone

Melissa Swain | August 4th 2022

There are many reasons why a parent might be the solo discipler in the home. Maybe you’re the only parent. Maybe you’re the only parent who follows after Jesus. Maybe your spouse is deployed, or their job requires them to be away for long periods of time, or you are widowed, or your child’s other parent has never been present. Whatever the case may be, family dynamics are much more complicated than neat little demographic boxes we tick on a registration form. And that complicates not only our lives, but our discipling relationships with our kids. ... continue reading

For the Struggling Parent Who Wants to Disciple Their Kids

Melissa Swain | August 3rd 2022

“How am I supposed to help my kids follow Jesus when I am struggling in my own relationship with him?” It’s a valid question, and one you’re not alone in asking. Or maybe you’re not struggling in your relationship with Christ, but you’re just having a hard time with life in general. Maybe it’s your job or an illness that is causing your struggles. It could be family or relationship issues that are complicating every facet of life. Perhaps your DIY remodel went off the rails and you’re living in a construction zone with your last shred of sanity holding it all together.... continue reading

To The Busy Parent Who Wants to Disciple Their Kids

Melissa Swain | August 2nd 2022

If your schedule looks anything like mine, it can make a person uninitiated in the realm of colour-coded calendars dizzy. There’s a colour dedicated to this kid, a colour dedicated to that kid. One for work stuff, one for family stuff, and even the dogs have their own special colour on the calendar. Ok, so the dogs don’t have a lot of appointments, but once you go down that colour-coding rabbit hole, you just can’t leave them out. Or maybe you’re more of a non-calendar person and sticky notes are your thing. Whatever your method is, if you have kids, you’re probably busier than you want to be.... continue reading

To the Parent Who Wants to Disciple Their Kids But Doesn’t Know Where to Start

Melissa Swain | August 1st 2022

Parenting is a wild ride, isn’t it? Nothing can adequately prepare you. Parenting books, blogs and podcasts are all great. But they only scratch the surface of what it’s like to have your own kid. There are so many paths to parenthood; no one gets there quite the same way. But when that precious life is placed in your arms, you are changed for ever. And you might freak out a little. So many thoughts race through your head, but I think one every parent can identify with is that we don’t want to fail our kids. ... continue reading

Is It Okay for Men to Ask For Help after Miscarriage?

Eric Schumacher | July 28th 2022

I found attending church after miscarriage an uncomfortable experience. Women would make their way to my wife to express their condolences and ask how she was doing. Most men simply gave either a greeting or a handshake, engaging in conversation as though nothing had happened. A few expressed their sorrow for our loss. Only one man hugged me.... continue reading

What to Include in Pregnancy Loss Care Packages

Abbey Wedgeworth | July 22nd 2022

When a family in your community experiences pregnancy loss, you and your church have a powerful opportunity to minister to and care for them. A great way to express your care is a “miscarriage care package.” It enables you to validate the grief and the life of their child, practically serve and meet the physical needs of this family, help them apply the good news of the gospel and the truth of God’s word to their hardship, and comfort them.

Here are a few ideas of what to include in a care package for families grieving the loss of an unborn child.... continue reading

The Beauty of Every Believer

Matt Fuller | July 21st 2022

My weekend paper had a recent feature: “A bloke’s guide to summer”. It opened by saying, “Guys, remember when all you needed to do when the sun shone was break out a Hawaiian shirt and put some beers on ice? Now, so much more is required: ribbed abs, tight trunks, waxed torso—and expert barbecue skills”. Yet my guess is that even as the writing bemoaned that fact, all of the photos accompanying the article had been edited.... continue reading