Our Top 10 Bestsellers of 2018

Eleanor Dell | December 18th 2018

2018 has been an exciting year for us here at The Good Book Company. By God’s grace, we’ve released over 40 products on a vast array of topics. We hope you loved reading them as much as we loved editing, designing, printing, promoting and delivering them.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter T

Rachel Jones | December 14th 2018

Put your Bible knowledge to the test in this week's t-themed quiz.... continue reading


How to be a justice seeker

Christy Britton | December 13th 2018

Injustice fills today’s headlines. Christians are hunted and killed in Somalia. Men are auctioned off as slaves in Libya. Imperfect babies are murdered in Iceland. Gang violence claims the lives of young men in America. Daughters are discarded in India for not being sons. Orphans are transported across borders and forced into prostitution in Nepal.... continue reading


Matt Chandler on Rediscovering Evangelism During Christmas

Matt Chandler | December 11th 2018

I love Christmas, even more now than when I was a kid. And while early in my marriage, I was admittedly against decorating before Thanksgiving, I’ve even relaxed on that rule. Christmas is, without question, my favorite time of the year. But as much as I love the holiday and what it ultimately means, there is a vast gap between the Christmas the commercials promise and the Christmas we experience. ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter S

Rachel Jones | December 7th 2018

Do you know your snakes from your scarecrows and your Shem's from your Shimei's? Time to find out it you've got the brains to be crowned a Bible genius…... continue reading


Staff picks of the year: what we loved reading in 2018

Joe Henegan | December 6th 2018

You may think the staff of a publishing company that releases 45+ books a year, most of which need to be read, understood and promoted, to have very little appetite for a bit of extra-curricular reading in their leisure time. Well, it appears we can’t help ourselves, and here is what we read and loved in 2018.... continue reading


Increased churchgoing at Christmas might be problematic

Carl Laferton | December 3rd 2018

Numbers attending Christmas services is at its highest in more than a decade. Which is great, I think… and problematic, I worry.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter R

Rachel Jones | November 30th 2018

From ravens to Rahab… test your Bible knowledge with our Bible quiz! Have you got the brains to be crowned a Bible genius?... continue reading


Your Church Can Own Christmas This Year

Joe Henegan | November 29th 2018

Christmas is upon us. The big adverts are out, the high street/shopping mall is super busy and there are snowflakes on all the food packaging. People are expectant. Can you feel it?... continue reading


Complex yet crucial: behind the scenes on Christian book translations

Tim Thornborough | November 27th 2018

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for the whole world. It’s a truth that has been lost to us at various points in our history, but, praise God, is a central part of our mission imperatives today. And the translation and dissemination of Christian literature is an important part of that.... continue reading

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