How Do I Know I’m A Christian?

The Good Book Company | February 21st 2020

Even if you’ve been a Christian for years, there can still be a nagging doubt that maybe you’re not right with God after all. Or maybe you have friends who say they’re Christians but you’re pretty sure they’re not. How can you be sure you’re a Christian and are heading to eternal life?... continue reading


Sex: Christianity’s unavoidable problem

Sam Allberry | February 21st 2020

There are significant challenges for Christians in discussions about sex. Just fifteen years ago Christians like me, who follow the teaching of the Bible, would have been thought of as old-fashioned for holding to the traditional Christian understanding of sex being exclusively for marriage. But now, increasingly, we are thought of as being dangerous to society...... continue reading


What journeys tell us about Jesus

Sinclair Ferguson | February 19th 2020

Most of us have made journeys that have been memorable. Some have brought gladness, others sadness. Very few people we meet have never been on a journey—though I did know one of them, many years ago.  ... continue reading


Are the psalms really for new covenant Christians?

Christopher Ash | February 18th 2020

What does a psalm mean for Christian people today? We can ask this question on several levels. ... continue reading


Podcast: Day 1 of Sinclair Ferguson's New Easter Devotional, To Seek and To Save

Sinclair Ferguson | February 11th 2020

We've got something a little bit different for you in this episode...... continue reading


How to prioritise evangelism at Easter

Jonty Allcock | February 11th 2020

Here are three ways it might transform our experience of Easter as we reclaim Jesus’ death and resurrection as of first importance.... continue reading


What does the bible say about transgender?

Carl Laferton | February 6th 2020

We live in a world that is broken by sin – and that brokenness extends to our bodies, and even to our hearts and their desires.... continue reading


Bible Overview Reading Plan from the Engage NIV Youth Bible

The Good Book Company | February 5th 2020

This 21-day reading plan will take you on a tour of the Bible from beginning to end to show you the big story of Scripture.... continue reading


Love makes us ready for Jesus' return

Randall Goodgame | February 4th 2020

When Amy and I were first married 23 years ago, some new friends in Nashville asked us to house-sit and watch their 10-year old son...... continue reading


Podcast: The Captivating Allure of Journey Narratives (Sinclair Ferguson)

Sinclair Ferguson | January 31st 2020

In this episode we speak to Scottish theologian Sinclair Ferguson about his new Easter devotional To Seek and To Save. ... continue reading

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