Friday Quiz: Women Beginning with R

Eleanor Dell | April 20th 2018

OK so maybe we skipped Q too. But can you blame us when they are so many amazing "R"s in the Bible? Of course we mean Rachel, Rebekah, Rahab and Ruth. How much do you know about these women of faith?... continue reading


How to pray for Syria

Eleanor Dell | April 19th 2018

When we hear about conflict in Syria. it is easy to feel completely helpless—but we are not. ... continue reading


You have power. How will you use it?

Stephen Um | April 17th 2018

Most of us don’t realize the power that we have.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Peter

Eleanor Dell | April 13th 2018

We're getting excited about The Friend who Forgives, a children's book about Peter, which releases later this year (and we don't know enough about Obadiah for a whole quiz...) So we've skipped "O" and we're straight onto "P" in our biblical characters quiz series. How much do you know about Peter?... continue reading


Rediscovering the Lost Art of Lament

Stephen Um | April 10th 2018

How does God want us to deal with the great difficulties of life? Does he want us to ignore them, to get over them, to power through them, or to be crushed by them?... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Noah

Eleanor Dell | April 6th 2018

How much do you know about Noah? Do you know enough to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


You don’t want to hear this (but you need to)

Stephen Um | April 3rd 2018

We are not so distant from Micah’s day as we might like to think.... continue reading


Stupid, foolish, pitiful. Reflections on resurrection day.

Tim Thornborough | April 1st 2018

Today on planet earth over 2 billion people will be celebrating something that perhaps another 2 billion believe is a lie.... continue reading


The Big Easter Story Quiz

Rachel Jones | March 29th 2018

Can you remember enough to be crowned an Easter Egghead, or is your brain as empty as the Easter tomb? We've written this quiz with the whole family in mind – there are 10 questions which get progressively harder!... continue reading


3 common problems with the cross

Marcus Nodder | March 29th 2018

The cross—the great climax of the Christian faith—can be greatly moving, but perhaps also secretly baffling.... continue reading

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