On the Podcast with Jennie Pollock: Finding Contentment in the Face of Lack and Longing

Jennie Pollock | October 30th 2020

"If only <insert thing that's missing> then I would be happy." We're all prone to sub-consciously thinking about life in this way, even if it's just an internal thought. Some of us may be brave enough to admit it to a family member of close friend, but Jennie Pollock has written a book about it. 

Jennie always wanted to be a stay-at-home mum, but it hasn't happened. In If Only she writes candidly about her struggle for contentment and helps her readers to take their eyes off the things they wish they had and instead enjoying the character of the God they do have.


Free Sample of our Family Advent Devotional for 2020

Barbara Reaoch | October 29th 2020

We want to share with you a preview of A Better Than Anything Christmas, a new Advent devotional for families from Barbara Reaoch. As you read together, your family will get more excited about Jesus than anything else Christmas has to offer. The following extract is a devotion for the first day in December.... continue reading


A Covid Christmas Gospel Talk Outline

Tim Thornborough | October 28th 2020

Tim shares an outline for a Christmas talk, which you are free to use and make your own. If you are using it in the open air at a street carol service, remember to keep it short!... continue reading


Will the Church Reshape Child Discipleship?

Barbara Reaoch | October 27th 2020

Amber and Nate did not grow up in the church. As new followers of Christ, the church gave fresh hope for their lives. It became their haven. They relied on the church to teach them and their children about God and his Word. Enter—the pandemic! Everything changed and keeps changing. Along with many parents, Amber and Nate wonder, “What will happen to our kids?” They miss the church’s support in discipling their children. How can it be, that even in the lockdown the world keeps on shaping our kids into its mold?... continue reading


Half term baking ideas to overcome Covid barriers

Susie Bentley-Taylor | October 26th 2020

Bake Through the Bible came about through a shared desire to talk to our children about their Saviour Jesus through the everyday moments. That desire hasn’t changed, but the challenges are ever changing (not to mention that we have more children to share Jesus with now!).... continue reading


On the Podcast with JD Greear: We're All Searching For Christmas

J D Greear | October 23rd 2020

Most of us are over familiar with the events of the first Christmas. But what if there's more to it than we thought?... continue reading


What Kind of Gift Is Christmas?

J D Greear | October 22nd 2020

Christians believe that at the heart of Christmas, and of life, is one particular present—God’s gift to us of a baby. But what kind of present is it?... continue reading


Charity Cards That Support Compassion

James Burstow | October 21st 2020

We are thrilled to be continuing our support of Compassion this year through the sale of our Christmas cards. Last year we were delighted to support 60 young people in Tanzania gaining skills in baking, carpentry, filmography and photography, and I wanted to share with you an update from Paul Dymott at Compassion about how our donations are going to be used in the year ahead.... continue reading


Christmas will be different. Use it to teach children familiar truths.

Lizzie Laferton | October 20th 2020

Yes, December is going to be strange. But while the events of our Christmas celebration might be different, the events we celebrate are unchanged. The good news of Christ’s incarnation is unaffected and can go on being proclaimed and celebrated.... continue reading


On the Podcast with David Mathis: Faith, Writing, and Christmas

David Mathis | October 15th 2020

A conversation about faith and writing as a means of ministry.... continue reading

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