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Are There Really Things That God Can’t Do?

Nick Tucker | June 16th 2022

“My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing that he cannot do.”

It’s too easy to ruin this beloved children’s song. One friend of mine is in the habit of singing, “My dog is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing that he cannot do (woof woof)”. That friend has a lot to answer for (and a disappointingly small dog)—once you’ve heard his version it’s hard not to sing it by mistake.... continue reading

Taste and See: A Reflection for Your Holiday

John Hindley | May 26th 2022

Most of us love to eat. Away from home we explore different foods, take more time over meals and treat ourselves. In our family, we have various traditions around food on trips away—taking it in turns to cook, going out for breakfast and several others. Personally, I love ice cream, especially on a beach, in a cheap cone with a chocolate flake. To me that’s the taste of sun, freedom and childhood.... continue reading

Help for Men Facing Miscarriage

Paul David Tripp | May 19th 2022

There will be a day when every child of God will be invited to the one funeral that we will all want to attend: we will be invited to the funeral of death.

Yes, it really is true—death will die and eternally be no more. Along with it will die all the grief, pain, fear, sadness, suffering, and loss that death always drags with it. The completely righteous life of Jesus, the acceptable sacrifice of Jesus, and the victorious resurrection of Jesus, all accomplished on our behalf, guarantee that the enemy of everyone living—death—will finally and forever die.... continue reading

31 Christian Quotes for Graduation

Avery Powers | April 28th 2022

Leaving the nest can be scary and, well, confusing. With graduations right around the corner, students are in need of hope-filled advice for the years to come. To meet that need, we’ve compiled some of our books’ most encouraging and truth-filled Christian quotes for (soon-to-be) graduates. ... continue reading

Bible Verses for Weary Mums

Liz Wann | March 10th 2022

How do mums hold on to hope and life when daily sacrifices feel like little deaths? How do we find rest? And what do we make of how weak and weary we feel? Three Bible verses can help moms answer these questions. ... continue reading

Is It Okay for Christians to be Discouraged?

John Hindley | February 3rd 2022

Bitter experience has taught you not to let your hopes rise too high. Perhaps you have a faith in Christ and you feel uneasy that you find life so hard, so you wonder whether it should be like this. Is it okay for Christians to be discouraged?... continue reading

Why Your Pastor Needs Encouragement Now and How to Help

Andrew Roycroft | January 8th 2022

In 21+yrs of pastoral ministry, I have never spoken to so many weary colleagues. This isn’t the normal tiredness arising from the rigours of ministry life but is genuinely concerning spiritual fatigue.

 ... continue reading

Comfort in the dark

Emily Robertson | December 7th 2021

Some days my daughter's eyes visibly widen and her brow furrows as she searches my face to learn the answer to her pressing question. I can feel it coming before the words leave her mouth: “Are you ok mum?” she quizzes me, her face just centimetres from my own. “Do you need to go to bed?” Can I get you something?" My stomach tightens as I reach for words of reassurance and distraction.... continue reading

We are Waiting People

Sinclair Ferguson | October 19th 2021

They say time is relative, and it can certainly seem that way as Christmas approaches. To a busy parent—with presents to wrap, cards to send, meals to prepare, and spare batteries to remember to buy—time seems to fly. There is not enough of it—and there is simply too much to do.... continue reading

A prayer for perseverance

Katy Morgan | September 23rd 2021

Here’s a little idea of some words that could help when a prayer for perseverance is what you need.... continue reading