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No-one Needs a Leap of Faith, We All Need a Place to Stand

Glen Scrivener | June 5th 2022

“Faith is believing things you know ain’t so.” Mark Twain’s definition rings true for many today. It’s common to think of faith as pretending to certainties you couldn’t possibly be sure of. So then, how does anyone manage to have faith? Well, the folk wisdom is that you need to take a leap.... continue reading

Five Fascinating Facts about Her Majesty The Queen

Alison Mitchell | June 2nd 2022

Queen Elizabeth II has been Britain’s queen for over 70 years, having become queen in 1926 when she was just 25 years old. During her reign she has worked with 14 British prime ministers and met every US president since Harry S. Truman (except for President Lyndon B. Johnson). She has also met chart-topping pop stars, medal-winning athletes, and knew the Bible teachers Billy Graham and John Stott. Her travels have taken her to over 110 countries across six continents, making her Britain’s best-travelled as well as longest-reigning monarch.... continue reading

Using Cultural Events Like the Queen’s Jubilee for Outreach

Alison Mitchell | April 29th 2022

I well remember the Queen’s first Jubilee. It was in 1977 and celebrated 25 years of her reign. I was 14 at the time and can remember how excited everyone was. I even had a Diamond Jubilee badge on my Guide uniform, and another one on the handlebars of my bicycle! It was also my introduction to street parties—something I had never experienced before. A local street was closed to traffic, with tables down the middle of the road. Everyone brought contributions and we all ate together. I think we even sang “God Save the Queen”. The fact that I remember these 45 years later shows what an impact they had—which makes them ideal for outreach. So here are just a few ideas for ways we might use the Queen’s Jubilee to reach out to those around us.... continue reading

How Do I Share the Gospel?

Randy Newman | April 7th 2022

Paul told Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5). We might consider that he’d say the same thing to us. We should take comfort in knowing that Timothy was a timid non-evangelist. But that comfort could diminish when we realise his shyness didn’t let him “off the hook". He was still to do that work—as difficult and as daunting as it may have seemed.... continue reading

Are you ready to rethink evangelism?

Avery Powers | January 13th 2022

In an anxiety-saturated world, it's critical that we effectively reach people with the hope of Christ. Hope Explored is a 3-session program that looks at the real hope found in Luke's gospel. ... continue reading



Outreach and Evangelism

How C.S. Lewis Helped Lead Me to Christ

Randy Newman | September 30th 2021

It’s the intertwining of the two forces of mind and imagination that, I believe, made C.S. Lewis such a powerful evangelist, not only for me but for countless others. An expert on medieval literature may not seem like the kind of person God would use for widespread evangelistic fruit. But Lewis saw himself as a “translator—one turning Christian doctrine ... into language that unscholarly people would attend to and could understand.”... continue reading

4 ways to use Rebecca McLaughlin’s new Christmas evangelistic book

Joe Henegan | September 21st 2021

Whether you love or loathe the chaotic run up to the big day, here are four ways you can use Rebecca’s book to show your unbelieving friends and family the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ this Christmas. ... continue reading

Preparing God’s People for Outreach (and Outrage)

Randy Newman | September 14th 2021

If you look at a short bio on the back of one of C.S. Lewis’s books, you’ll see that he taught at both Oxford and Cambridge. He spent much more time at Oxford (29 years) and moved to Cambridge only for the last seven years of his career. You may wonder why he made the switch. If you read a fuller biography, you learn that it involved a fair amount of personal pain and no small amount of persecution for his faith.... continue reading

Do We Really Want Churches to Be Welcoming?

Tony Merida | August 27th 2021

Prejudice and discrimination are ongoing human problems and talking about them (especially with regard to the church) often makes us very uncomfortable. But God’s word addresses this issue in many ways and in many places, so God’s people need to think about it.... continue reading

Telling Stories to God's Glory

Jackie Hill Perry | August 26th 2021

Right now a lot of people are turning away from or changing their beliefs, not based on theology but based on compelling narratives that they’ve heard. Stories are literally shaping the way people think about God and sex and sin and money.... continue reading