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Euangelion! Day 1 of 'Best News Ever'

Chris Morphew | November 19th 2019

When was the last time you heard a piece of really incredible news? News so huge and awesome and amazing that you were just  bursting to share it?... continue reading


5 ways the gospel shapes our approach to sexual abuse

Phillip Bethancourt | July 30th 2019

We need to embrace a clear understanding of how the gospel shapes our approach to sexual abuse in five significant ways.... continue reading


9 things you might have missed from The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Rachel Jones | March 19th 2019

Here are a few hidden details you can spot as you read it.... continue reading


This Lent, even if it’s for the first time, open up your Bible with your children

Ed Drew | February 25th 2019

Parenting is often the story of loving our children enough to muddle through when we don’t really know what we’re doing.... continue reading


Your Church Can Own Christmas This Year

Joe Henegan | November 29th 2018

Christmas is upon us. The big adverts are out, the high street/shopping mall is super busy and there are snowflakes on all the food packaging. People are expectant. Can you feel it?... continue reading


8 gifts to help 8 people you know encounter Christ this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 14th 2018

Gifts for the stressed-out Christian, not-yet Christian, drifting Christian and for children of all ages.... continue reading


Answering Children's Questions at Halloween

Alison Mitchell | October 16th 2018

Some thoughts on how we can use children's questions about halloween to point them to the wonderful truth about Christ.... continue reading


4 reasons why most of us are reluctant evangelists

Richard Coekin | August 28th 2018

Why is it that so many of us are reluctant evangelists?... continue reading


Reviews help us choose: our highest rated products released this year

Joe Henegan | August 14th 2018

Here's what our customers think of some of our latest releases...... continue reading


Worship is so much more than music

Jared Wilson | June 7th 2018

I think you could make a pretty good case that evangelicals don’t really know what worship is—or, at least, they don’t really know what worship fully is.... continue reading

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