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Encounters With Jesus - just £8.99 (40% off) until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | December 20th 2013

Christmas, for many people, will be one of the few times they visit a church or come any where near anyone vaguely Christian. Christmas is their annual encounter with Jesus! What will they expect of us as a Church, what will they expect of us as Christians and perhaps more importantly, what will they take away from the meetings with us? Will we impact their lives as they hear the message of Jesus' birth and the good news of the gospel?

In Encounters with Jesus, Tim Keller features ten conversations from John's Gospel that show how Jesus changed the lives of every person he met. Those conversations confronted common doubts and questions like who am I? why am I here? what do I believe? and what is my purpose in life? Keller believes the biblical answers from those "powerful" encounters with Christ long ago contain invaluable lessons for us today.... continue reading


Serving without Sinking - half price until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | December 13th 2013

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know we made a lot of this book when it came out earlier in the year. But with many churches and church people absolutely snowed under at this time of year we thought it well worth reminding you of it again.

Christmas probably more than any other time of year is when Christians are most under pressure. Calls on everyone's time are immense - energy and big smiles are required all round - as event after event is put on. But the constant need to be here, do this, speak at that, make something else, greet this group or that can be draining, tiring in the extreme.

John Hindley examines just how and why this happens in Serving Without Sinking. It is an issue he has been aware of for a very long time and knows that it isn't just for Christmas either. The good news is he also has some encouraging help, backed by Scripture, to relieve the burdens we feel. He shows us how we can maintain that joyful servant heart at this busiest of times.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £4 - use code hsws1213 at the checkout.


Explore Prayer Diary - just £2.50!

Dean Faulkner | December 6th 2013

Have you ever thought about ways to track prayers and prayer requests so that you feel focused on them? For most of us, often just remembering to pray is hard enough, never mind knowing the outcome of our petitions. I’ve used several different ways to keep a prayer diary - both paper based and electronic - over the years. Now while I’ve settled on a method that seems to work well for me, I am aware that many people still haven't found what's right for them. So here is something that may help you or would be the perfect gift for someone you know.

The Good Book Company Explore Prayer Diary is attractive and practical and designed to help you in your daily prayer life.

Read more HERE and get one for you or someone you know for just £2.50 using the code pd1213 at the checkout.

Offer expires midday on Monday 9th December 2013.


Bake through the Bible - just £5 until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | November 29th 2013

It's that time of the year again - Christmas shopping, for many of us, is well and truly getting underway.

If you're looking for ideas for little ones it's often difficult to find something these days that isn't electronic. It seems to be assumed that even young children will want something with a screen. And as much as electronic games can be fun, sometimes it's good to prise the kids away from the TV, computer, tablet or whatever else holds their attention.

I know from experience that children and food are often a very good mix. Add in the fact that they can get messy making the food and you have the makings of a great play and learning experience. In Bake Through the Bible you get all the fun of food with the added attraction of using the cooking activities to introduce children to the big picture of the Bible.

So if you know of children you need to get a great present for this Christmas, look no further. Great fun and biblically faithful, both Christian and non-Christian families will have a great time using this great resource.

Read more HERE and get Bake Through The Bible for just £5 - simply use the code bttb1113 at the checkout.


Christmas Uncut - just £1 until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | November 22nd 2013

When children act out the nativity in a school play or nursery group, it really doesn't have much in common with the historical Christmas.

Over the course of time, we've cut huge, crucial bits out. We've added in nice but completely made-up details. We've made it into a tale for children and forgotten the real events. There were certainly no kings or a donkey!

We have turned Christmas history into a nativity play.

I don't want to spoil the party. Nativity plays are a part of the whole Christmas experience, along with desperate last-minute shopping and sending cards to people who you didn't make the effort to see last year. I've been in the front row of both my son's nativity plays smiling proudly. It's just that the real Christmas is much more interesting than what we've turned it into. It's worth rescuing and re-telling.

And that is just what Carl Laferton has done in Christmas Uncut. Read more HERE and get the book for just £1 until midday on Monday. Simply use the code cu1113 at the checkout.


What Women Really Need - £2 until Monday midday!

Dean Faulkner | November 15th 2013

After last week's mainly male orientated blog posts from the marketing department of The Good Book Company, I thought I ought to even up the score a little! At least that's what my wife told me to say...

In a world where so much is on offer, what do women actually need? What will satisfy their deepest longings? As a son, brother and husband, I don't think I've fully figured that one out yet.

I'm sure (as I've been told) that women, like men, struggle with unsatisfying relationships, identity, diaries that are overflowing, uncertainty, regrets and guilt. But what's most important? What are the answers? What do women really need?

Lesley Ramsay and Di Warren's book, What Women Really Need is a great place to start to find an answer to that question. It's a book that's written by women for women. In an easy to read style, this collection of personal stories and challenging articles looks at the significance of Jesus in every day life and his lead in finding those things that matter most. It's a wonderful look at the impact Jesus can have in every woman's life.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £2 until midday on Monday. Use code wwrn1113 at the checkout.


Courageous for the Gospel - The Hard Corps just £2 until Monday

Dean Faulkner | November 8th 2013

On Wednesday I wrote my reflections on the Courageous Men Conference in Cwmbran including how we need to be bold and stand up for the gospel. Scripture teaches that we should be strong and willing to fight for what matters. As such we should seek to emulate the heroes of the Bible who were passionate, courageous, uncompromising and spiritually solid.

So who are these heroes?

Obviously the greatest example is Jesus himself - it's impossible not to be impressed by him both as the cross-carrying King of mercy and the exalted King of heaven. All other heroes pale in to insignificance next to him. However there are plenty of other characters in the pages of scripture who can also get our faith charged up and pumping. Among those are David's Mighty Men (a.k.a. The Hard Corps) - elite soldiers serving their king with devotion and distinction.

Their stories are hidden away in some of the obscure parts of the Old Testament but these guys were the real deal. They lived, loved and fought with such intensity that they couldn't fail to inspire anyone around them. Such were their heroics they were rightly lauded as legends in their own lifetimes. But even today they still have lots to teach us about what it means to be true men (and women) of God.

Find out more about these inspirational men in Dai Hankey's, The Hard Corps. Read more and buy the book here for just £2 until midday Monday. Simply use code hc1113 at the checkout.

This offer is available on The Hard Corps printed book only. This offer ends at 12 noon GMT on Monday the 11th of November


A Meal with Jesus - just £5!

Dean Faulkner | November 1st 2013

People have very differing views of Christmas. Even we as Christians, who put Jesus at the centre of the our celebrations, often have differing priorities over the Christmas period. For some the priority is having family and friends around them. For others it will be about their children, sharing the magical times while sharing Jesus with them too. Still others will be looking for friendship and company having been on their own for much of the rest of the year.

But there is one constant over the festive period no matter who you are or where you are at: food! For most of us, the big event will be lunch on Christmas Day but there will be evening get-togethers, buffets, maybe shared picnics on walks and all sorts of other times when we will stop and eat. And indeed for some - those who live rough - it may be the only time they can get a hot meal somewhere.... continue reading


World-Proof Your Kids - just £4.99 until Monday!

Dean Faulkner | October 25th 2013

This week, in a private ceremony, the Christening of Prince George took place at the Chapel Royal, St James' Palace. Only senior royals, four members of the Middleton family and the seven Godparents and their spouses were in attendance. With lives that are rarely out of the news, this was as close as the royal family can come to having "space" in our frenetic media led world. How long the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be able to keep Prince George away from the media glare is anyone's guess and I for one don't envy them in that job.

As Christian parents we worry about the way we bring up our children. It's increasingly difficult to deal with the influences of a materialistic secular world - a world where our faith is challenged more than ever before; a world of indifference in schools and among our children's peer group. All this serves to put pressure on a Christian family and household - take it from me, our family is there right now!

In the slightly oddly named World-Proof Your Kids, Tim Sisemore gives some practical advice and masses of biblical backing to help deal with this area of our lives.

If you need to break the habits or cycle of disillusionment and distraction that can come with coping with this tricky area then look no further than this terrific, well-thought-through and well-researched book.

Read more and get it HERE for just £4.99 until midday on Monday. Simply use the code wyk1013 at the checkout.


Gospel Centred Marriage - Just £1 for 48 hours!

Dean Faulkner | October 18th 2013

Recent research has shown that divorce rates are just as high among Christians as among non-Christians. It seems that even Christians have trouble maintaining a healthy relationship in which both people feel fulfilled. Part of the problem is that happiness in a marriage is not automatic. Creating a great marriage takes work and if we cant keep love alive in the relationship, then the conflicts are going to overcome us.

These days of course it's not just the relationship between husband and wife themselves that create problems in a marriage. The financial pressures we find ourselves under with unemployment high and relatively lower rates of pay, demands of children who are more worldly than we ever were at their age, the constant need in secular terms to prove ourselves over and over again all contribute to the strains put on a marriage, as of course does a complete feeling of being overwhelmed and tired by everything going on in your life.

So what can we do? Avoiding these kind of problems (or fixing them if it is already happening in your marriage) involves going back to the basics of what God intends a Christian marriage to be. To understand why marriages struggle - as I know from experience, they all do at some time - we need to understand the nature of our sin. To make marriages work, we need to understand how to apply the truth about God and His salvation.

Whether you are a newlywed or you have been married for years, Tim Chester's Gospel Centred Marriage can help you and your spouse create the marriage that you’ve always wanted. Chester advises us in clear, captivating terms what happens when the cross is lifted high in Christian marriage. His advice is intensely biblical and intensely practical. Many couples (especially those who read it together) will find this book to be a life-giving page turner.

Get it HERE for just £1 until midnight on Monday. Simply use code gcm1013 at the checkout.

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