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Married for God - half price until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | March 7th 2014

So much of the modern culture around us is anti establishment and anti institution. And marriage, like every other "commodity" these days, has become a throw-away item. If it doesn't work, no matter, just split up and start again with someone else. It seems it is all too easy not to have to work at our relationship with our partner. Maybe it was never really meant to be! Really?

As Christians I guess the onus is on us to "set an example" of godly living and a loving marriage. But from personal experience, I am well aware that this is often a difficult thing to do and that Christian marriages like any other will suffer from hard times whatever the reason or source. This when we need God most and look to Ecclesiastes 4:12 - Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Christopher Ash, in his book Married for God, takes a look at the bare essentials of marriage. He provides an invaluable challenge to deepen and strengthen relationships, through a fresh understanding of God's purpose for marriage. The book is firmly biblically focused but also well related to realities of the modern life.

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4 books for less than £5!

Dean Faulkner | February 28th 2014

Last week, on The Good Book Blog, we looked at the two newest titles in our Questions Christians Ask series - Why did Jesus have to die? and Is forgiveness really free? That brings the series to six titles now and there will be more following shortly. We gave you a great deal on the back catalogue ebooks on Tuesday but I know some of you prefer the tree book option so here is an amazing deal for you!

Again, celebrating the new releases in the series, we're giving you the chance to get the four back catalogue titles as a bundle for just £4.99!

That means ALL of these great titles for less than a fiver:

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What is a Healthy Church Member? - just £4.99 till midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | February 14th 2014

"How are we doing in our marriage?" "How are we doing as a family?" "How am I doing as an employee?" "How am I doing as a church member?" I'm guessing you may have asked or been asked one of the first three questions, and probably have a sense of how to answer them, but how would you answer that last one? For a church to be healthy and to fulfill its calling and mission, it is vital to have healthy members.

Although much discussion has been given to what makes a healthy church, most of it tends to be abstract and general in nature. What Thabiti Anyabwile does in his book, What is a Healthy Church Member?, however, is focus on what makes church members healthy. The idea being that when members are healthy, the church will function and grow as it should. Anyabwile includes the way church members should listen to sermons, share their faith with others, and be sincerely devoted to prayer.

Being a church member is a Holy Spirit-prescribed relationship for all believers. In a world where even some "Christians" balk at any requirements of Christians, this work presents God's expectations of his followers.

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Scandalous - half price until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | February 7th 2014

As Christians, we all appreciate that the cross is central to our faith. Jesus' death and resurrection are at the core of our beliefs. The events of Holy week and the final days of Jesus' life are probably familiar stories to us. But whilst we may know what happened way back then, do we fully appreciate and understand what those events mean? The entire Bible pivots on that one weekend in Jerusalem 2000 years ago so we must give it our fullest attention.

Scandalous by D A Carson helps us do just that. It is broken into five chapters, based on some lectures he gave.

One usually doesn’t think of irony as being a part of Jesus’ crucifixion; yet, it’s clear that the events of the crucifixion are profoundly ironic. And that's where Carson starts. Taking the Gospel of Matthew, Carson identifies the following four ironies of the crucifixion:... continue reading


God is Enough - just £5 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | January 31st 2014

What sometimes leaves you feeling unable to cope?

Perhaps it's disappointments or doubts. Possibly loneliness or grief or maybe just a lack of motivation.

Many things are capable of getting us down and casting doubt on our faith and our view of God. Where is our passion for the Gospel? How often have you asked (or thought) is God enough?

With honesty and humility, Ray Galea reflects in his book, God is Enough, on ten psalms that have helped him put God back in the centre of his life. Ray reminds us of the many reasons we have to join with the psalmist in saying, "Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you".

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Compared to Her - Just £1.50 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | January 24th 2014

Do you yearn for contentment? Do you know anyone who does? (That should cover everyone!) Then please read this book. It diagnoses our condition with insight and humour, and offers the only true cure with clear and practical explanation.

This book is simple but profound - and profoundly helpful. The common problem of comparison, with all its poisonous results, is exposed and laid bare to be seen for what it is. In its place comes biblical truth giving life and health and wholeness.

Read more and get the book HERE for just £1.50 until midday Monday. Use code hcth0114 at the checkout.


God Speaks - just £5 until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | January 17th 2014

In today's modern era of communications we are never far away from some device or other that will put us in touch with family. friends, business colleague or anyone else we might want to talk to. In these days of smart phones, netbooks, tablets, Skype and all sorts of video-type conferencing it's so easy to speak with someone over a huge distance and to hear back just what they are saying to you. For many of us knowing what God is saying to us is a far harder proposition. How does he reveal himself to us? What is he saying? What direction is God pointing us in? All these can be difficult to discern.

God Speaks by Rich Alldritt and Ash Carter is a deceptively simple book. A quick read with a fast-paced and humorous narrative, it holds the attention of the reader with ease. But don’t be fooled, under the simplicity lay some of the most essential and necessary truths required for any Christian seeking to mature their relationship with God. As God reveals himself to us - this book makes the mystery of that revelation accessible. As God desires to speak with us - this book encourages that conversation to begin.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £5 using the code gs0114 at the checkout.


New Year / Renewed Foundations - Rock Solid Just £1 Until Midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | January 10th 2014

Following our theme of new year resolutions, I'm sure many of us will be reviewing and refocusing on many aspects of our Christian lives. This might be our planned giving, prayer needs for the first part of the year (however long we deem that to be), what evangelism we might do or get involved in, how can we serve our particular church more / better or perhaps just how we live out our Christian lives.

Maybe the New Year is a good time to remind ourselves of just what we believe. Time maybe to take a step back and refresh ourselves and our minds, get to grips again with the key areas of our beliefs. Well Rock Solid is just the book to help us do that.

Doctrine is never dull in this short and clearly-written book. Glancing down the list of contents may fill you with dread but the (many) authors bring things like justification, penal substitution and the sovereignty of God to life. Throughout the text there is a clear biblical basis given for each gospel truth and there's even a little Bible study in each chapter to help you go to Scripture and think things through and apply them personally. One of the highlights is that most chapters also contain mini-biographies of key church figures from across the ages which shows the way in which they have developed or defended the doctrine under consideration. A really helpful intro to some important and practical gospel truths.

Read more HERE and get the book for just £1 until midday on Monday. Use code rs0114 at the checkout.


A New Year's resolution you never thought you'd hear!

Dean Faulkner | January 3rd 2014

A new year, a new beginning and the time that many people make those New Year resolutions - a commitment to change something, do something new or stop doing something they feel they ought not to be doing. Every year it's the same isn't it? A whole bunch of individuals, Christians included declaring that these are the steps they are going to take in the coming year. As we also know, very few of these actions last longer than a few months if we are lucky and can normally be seen to have dropped off the radar after more a few weeks (or even days).

However in amongst all the declarations and outpourings I suspect that one resolution you won't or haven't heard is this:

I'm going to stop asking Jesus into my heart.... continue reading


Be Armed and Ready for the New Year - Gospel Truth half price (£4.99) until midday Monday!

Dean Faulkner | December 27th 2013

You don't need me to tell you, I'm sure, of the challenges and attacks that the Christian faith finds itself faced with right now. The secular world chooses to try to demean and diminish Christianity, to marginalise it and undermine it's place in our world. The spread of atheism and vocal nature of New Atheists who look to disprove God and undermine the credibility of the Gospels has heightened the pressure under which we Christians find ourselves.

So how do we counter the desire and instincts of a large number of non-Christians to destroy the validity of the Gospels and therefore the credibility of Jesus and God himself? In Gospel Truth, Paul Barnett looks at the main issues and questions we are challenged with and offers in response historical and reasoned arguments to help us all deal with this onslaught and those around us who seek to question what we believe and the foundations on which our faith is built.

Read more and get the book here for just £4.99 until midday on Monday. Use the code gt1213 at the checkout.

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