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5 things you might have missed in Jesus and the Very Big Surprise

Andre Parker | March 25th 2020

If you're cooped up at home with kids right now, pull out your copy of Randall Goodgame's new children's book, Jesus and the Very Big Supriseand try to find these 5 hidden illustrations... ... continue reading


5 ways to be the church during a global pandemic

Tim Thornborough | March 20th 2020

This Sunday many of us will be tuning into virtual church from our sofa. What does 'church' look like during a global pandemic? ... continue reading


Fighting fear in the face of coronavirus

Jonty Allcock | March 19th 2020

I experience fear when I realise that the resources I have do not match the situation that I’m facing. That’s true now more than ever.... continue reading


Can anything good come out of the COVID-19 pandemic?

James Burstow | March 18th 2020

I wonder how you’re feeling today? There is a lot to take in, isn’t there?... continue reading


How to get your kids as excited about Easter as they are about Christmas

Lizzie Laferton | March 12th 2020

Our children seem to spend their lives counting down the sleeps to something. Birthdays, Christmas, end of term, family vacation… there’s always something for our 5 and 7-year-olds to count down the sleeps to.... continue reading


Our marriage has been one long struggle

Jeff Walton | March 10th 2020

We remember it like it was yesterday. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling.... continue reading


5 things to pray for hospitals and emergency services

Joe Henegan | March 10th 2020

The coronavirus is now affecting everyday life for almost all of us. You may be wondering what you can do to help on a practical level, when physical connection is becoming increasingly prohibited. As Christians, we know that we can pray.... continue reading


Coming out and coming to faith

Rachel Gilson | March 9th 2020

I became a Christian much to my own surprise. It was as if the sun of the gospel had evaporated my atheism in an instant. But as time went on, one reality remained like a stubborn puddle: I was sexually attracted to women. I still am.... continue reading


How to start reading the Bible with young kids

Lizzie Laferton | March 3rd 2020

The best thing we can do today for our children is prayerfully to share God’s word with them.... continue reading


The Christian view of sexuality is not anti-love

Sam Allberry | February 27th 2020

We know so much about love that we don’t realise how much we don’t know about it.... continue reading

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