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The world has changed. Our message must not

Rebecca Manley Pippert | May 7th 2020

Never has there been a greater need to share Christ with the world, starting with our own neighbor—and never have believers felt more ill-equipped.... continue reading


An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

Jeff Walton | May 5th 2020

One flesh. That’s what all Christian marriages are called to live out. And yet...... continue reading


You can’t change your spouse

Sarah Walton | April 29th 2020

He’ll never understand how I really feel. He wasn’t there for me when I needed him most, so how can I trust him when he can’t see how deeply I’ve been hurt. ... continue reading


How one family has been surviving lockdown

Sarah Parker | April 28th 2020

How one family have been surviving lockdown... Some of the creative things they've been doing and how they're turning to God in the midst of it all. ... continue reading


How to Host a Virtual Book Group

Tim Thornborough | April 23rd 2020

With the publication of Where is God in a Coronavirus World? I saw the opportunity to run a book group for people at my church that would help them both to cope with the questions, struggles and doubts they themselves might be feeling, but also to stimulate them to think how they might have this conversation with others. ... continue reading


When life weighs heavy: How hope makes the heavy, light

Emily Robertson | April 20th 2020

There are definitely moments in life that weigh heavier than others. When my dad died, there was a waiting period of 10 days before we were able to have the funeral. During that time his body lay in a small room at the funeral directors and only close family were permitted to visit him.... continue reading


Important Update on Delivery Times From Our Commercial Director

James Burstow | April 20th 2020

I last wrote to you on the 17th March about the coronavirus, so I thought it was about time for an update. ... continue reading


Praying is the Most Practical Thing You Can Do

Rachel Jones | April 15th 2020

The irony of life in lockdown is that it’s precisely when the needs are at their greatest that we feel the least able to help.... continue reading


Looking after our pastors during lockdown

Dean Faulkner | April 13th 2020

Many of us have had to cope with a huge amount of upheaval in the last few weeks—working from home semi-permanently, having the children around all the time with the schools closed, keeping our distance socially, and so much more.... continue reading


Coronavirus Codebreaker Sheet for Kids

Alison Mitchell | April 9th 2020

Entertain your kids with this fun coronavirus codebreaker worksheet!... continue reading

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