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Jesus is the master, even at his own execution

Josh Moody | June 17th 2019

Few ironies could be greater than watching the trial of the Son of God unfold. On trial for what? And by whom? How was it possible that such a thing ever came to pass, and once it had occurred, how was it possible that the heavens did not crash and burn in cataclysmic... continue reading


Why we have to put reading to children back on the agenda

Tim Thornborough | June 12th 2019

Recent research has suggested that parents and carers are reading less to their children. The study* claimed that the proportion of toddlers being read to every day has dropped by a fifth over the last five years. It found that while 69% of preschool children were read to daily in 2013, that figure had dropped to just 51%.... continue reading


How you can ignite wonder in a child's heart

Joe Henegan | June 11th 2019

Those of us that have children under our care—parents, godparents, grandparents, kids’ ministry workers, and more—have been gifted a wonderful opportunity and privilege. We can ignite the spark of wonder in a child’s heart that sets them up for a lifetime of adventurous curiosity into all the things of God and his Word.... continue reading


Where do our thoughts come from?

Sharon Dirckx | June 7th 2019

An early childhood memory of mine is of sitting by a window on a rainy day, watching the drops splash against the pane. Like all normal children, I spent most of my life racing around. But at this particular moment, I was still, and my mind had time to drift. I remember a series of questions popping into my head...... continue reading


When evangelism feels impossible: 4 steps to joyful obedience

Jonty Allcock | June 5th 2019

As new Christians, we often start out enthusiastic at the idea of calling people to follow King Jesus. We are expectant and joyful. But it can soon lead to deflation. We still try and talk about Jesus. We still invite people to church. But the joy has gone. We have given up even trying anymore. Is the command to make disciples of all nations simply far too ambitious? Let’s take four steps and see what happens when we apply them to Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 v 19 to Go and make disciples of all nations.... continue reading


Eric Says… “How can I help?”

Alison Mitchell | June 4th 2019

You may be familiar with Dai Hankey’s lovely trilogy of books: Eric Says Thanks, Eric Says Sorry and Eric Says Please. In each one, a little lad called Eric discovers something epic about God. These stories are great for children who have little or no church background, as well as those from Christian families, as each story starts in the everyday life of Eric and the questions he asks or the trouble he faces.... continue reading


When evangelism feels impossible: coming to Jesus before going to make disciples

Jonty Allcock | June 3rd 2019

When I hear that from the lips of Jesus, I feel just as weak and overwhelmed as the first eleven disciples standing on the mountain. I’m daunted as I look at the sheer numbers of people who have never heard about Jesus in our world. In fact, come to that, I’m daunted by the number of people who live on my street. The task feels too big.... continue reading


How should we pay our pastors?

Christopher Ash | May 31st 2019

A hard-working pastor, who labours in preaching and teaching, who cares for his people and prays for them, who leads the team that directs the affairs of the church, ought to be in no doubt that he is greatly valued. He ought to be free from crippling financial uncertainty and worries, so that he can give himself uninterruptedly to the noble task entrusted to his care.... continue reading


Here’s a framework for whether you should watch <insert TV show>

Dan Strange | May 30th 2019

As a Christian, is it ok for me to watch [insert generic TV show with sex and/or violence]?... continue reading


Stop praying “be with” prayers

Alistair Begg | May 28th 2019

I want to erase the two words that shut most of our prayers down. Here they are: “Be with…”... continue reading

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