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Why I Mourn the Death of Hugh Hefner

Tim Thornborough | September 29th 2017

I woke up yesterday morning to the news that Playboy Magnate and millionaire Hugh Hefner had died at the ripe old age of 91. To be honest, it left me with conflicting emotions.... continue reading


Talking to Your Children About Transgender

Andrew T. Walker | September 13th 2017

How to talk to your children about transgender — an extract from Andrew Walker's new book, God and The Transgender Debate. ... continue reading


Irma Howls: Praying in the Aftermath

Barry Cooper | September 12th 2017

How do we pray for our world in the wake of Hurricane Irma? ... continue reading


Transgender — A Radically Different Response to the Debate

James Burstow | September 12th 2017

How should Christians respond to the transgender debate? ... continue reading


How can we tell the Better Story … better?

Glynn Harrison | September 7th 2017

We live in a world filled with stories—from the jokes and mundane tales told at the pub or over coffee, to the grand dramas filled with the passion of music or dance at the opera houses. We are people who are wired to tell and hear stories.... continue reading


A prayer for the victims and protection from terrorism

Tim Thornborough | August 18th 2017

It can be very difficult to know what or how to pray in the wake of an awful terrorist attack. Feel free to use this prayer as a guide.... continue reading


Charlie and Noel. Two sides of a real human dilemma

Tim Thornborough | July 20th 2017

There is something deeper going on that Christians need to be aware of.... continue reading


3 responses to Eugene Peterson's affirmation of same-sex relationships

Tim Thornborough | July 13th 2017

In a recent interview, Eugene Petersen, a prominent Christian author and creator of The Message Bible translation appears to affirm same-sex marriage. He is the latest in a long line of leaders who have done a U-turn on this issue. Here is what he said:.... continue reading


Four Christian responses to Tim Farron’s resignation

Helen Thorne | June 15th 2017

Political leaders come. Political leaders go. It’s the way of government in democratic lands. But few have left leadership in the manner of Liberal Democrat, Tim Farron... continue reading


Election 2017: what’s the issue?

Tim Thornborough | June 7th 2017

As we go to the polls tomorrow, how do you decide where to put your cross?... continue reading

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