How your Christmas outreach service will probably go (told through Star Wars gifs)

Joe Henegan | 28 Nov 2017

Today's the day! Your church has been planning their Christmas outreach since September. It's been a lot of hard work. Let's do this.

You rock up to church in your new Christmas jumper like...

Oh. Everyone is dressed up smart...except you...

Okay, nevermind. It's fine. The hall is decorated beautifully and everyone knows their jobs. This is going to be great.

What's this?! The coffee urn is missing!

And the heating won't come on!

And the powerpoint presentation you spent ages on isn't loading!

Oh, wait. They found the coffee urn. Someone took it home last week to clean it. 

And they've fixed the heating and powerpoint, just in time. Phew.

Okay. Ready to go. But where are the friends that you invited!? 

Where are they!? This is a disaster!

Hang on. Here they come. Ah, and they've brought their kid as well. Cute.

The band start up. They're sounding good today.

It's time for the sermon. Your pastor walks up to the pulpit.

Okay. Here we go. Oh no, they're starting with that joke again

It's so cringe.

What must your friends be thinking!

Oh boy, this is going badly. But you know what to do…

Ooh, hang on, what's this? Your pastor is doing a 'Keller'! He's using contemporary illustrations to demonstrate that the secular worldview is inconsistent with its own beliefs and convictions. Yes!

Your pastor is preaching the sermon of their life, making a tangible connection with the congregation.

He's pulled it back and preached an absolute blinder of a sermon! Oh, you could kiss him right now.

Okay. End of the service—time to face your friends. You really hope they didn't find any of it awkward.

"So...err. What did you think of the service?"

They liked it! And they want to come back next week!

Oh you're so happy you could dance! But you musn't. Play it cool.

You wave your friends goodbye.

Wow. What a day. Totally worth the effort. 

Oh crumbs - the turkey!

Okay, so your Christmas outreach service may not be as stressful and chaotic as this, but it can have the same impact. At The Good Book Company we've designed an entire package around our latest Christmas release, Rescuing Christmas.

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All gifs sourced from Thumbnail image courtesy of tihomir_todorov

Joe Henegan

Joe is our Marketing Manager. He lives in South London with his wife and two daughters and is a member at River Church Sutton - part of the Newfrontiers network - where he runs a small group and various outreach activities.