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Running a camp bookstall - An easy guide 

Managing a camp bookstall might seem a bit daunting, but you can let us do the hard work for you.

Once you have chosen your books from the list below, we will despatch the order to the requested address.

The prices listed below are 20% off the RRP as we are keen to make these books as affordable as possible for your members, so these are the discounted prices you will pay.

Inside your box we will include a suggested price list for what you charge camp members with nice easy round numbers. All we require is that you cover the cost of the books ordered, so you can bolster camp funds with any profit. If you want to charge less than the cost price, you will need to subsidise the bookstall. It is very important to therefore make a careful note of what you are returning to us on the sheet included in the box.

We can top you up with books if you run out during the week, just call one of our friendly Customer Services team on 0333 123 0880 or drop us an email at With DPD next day delivery available on orders made by 3pm, you could get your books the next day!

Once your camp is over, pack up the books securely, making sure to pad out any gaps in the box in order to protect the books from being damaged as they wing their way back to us. (Using the original packaging often works best.) We can organise a Courier Collection* to come and take the books away if preferred. 

Remember to include the paperwork, noting what you have sold and what is coming back to us. Keep hold of the cash and once we have received the returned books, we will send you an email invoice for the balance due with a link to the payment page. You can also pay over the phone by calling one of our Customer Services team on 0333 123 0880. 

*Please note there is a £10 charge per box for this service and it will be added onto your final payment.

ProductPrice you payQuantity
5 Things to Pray for the People You Love£3.99
5 Things to Pray for Your Church£3.99
5 Things to Pray for Your Heart£3.99
5 Things to Pray for Your Parents£3.99
5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse£3.99
5 Things to Pray for Your World£3.99
50 Craziest Bible Stories£4.79
50 Weirdest Bible Stories£4.79
A Boy's Guide to Making Really Good Choices£8.79
A Girl's Guide to Making Really Good Choices£8.79
A Man's Greatest Challenge£7.19
A New Day£7.19
A Spoke in the Wheel£4.79
Action Bible New Testament£10.39
Acts: A Visual Guide£7.99
Anyone for Heaven?£2.39
Awesome on the Inside£6.39
Behind Enemy Lines£4.79
Best News Ever£7.19
Bible Timeline (XTB12)£0.24
Can I really trust the Bible?£3.99
Can we be good without God?£2.39
Capturing God£2.39
Case for Christ - Student Edition£5.59
Changing Lanes£4.79
Compared To Her...£7.19
Dealing with Disappointment£7.19
Dealing with Doubt£2.79
Diary of a Disciple Activity Book£3.99
Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story (Paperback)£5.59
Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul's Story£7.99
Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul's Story (paperback)£5.59
Did the devil make me do it?£3.99
Dig Into Matthew£3.99
Disciplines of a Godly Young Man£10.39
Discover: Book 1£3.19
Discover: Book 10£3.19
Discover: Book 11£3.19
Discover: Book 12£3.19
Discover: Book 2£3.19
Discover: Book 3£3.19
Discover: Book 4£3.19
Discover: Book 5£3.19
Discover: Book 6£3.19
Discover: Book 7£3.19
Discover: Book 8£3.19
Discover: Book 9£3.19
Discovering the Real Jesus£3.99
Do the Next Thing£4.79
Don't Panic!£1.99
Eating Disorders£2.00
Engage 365: Beginnings and Endings£10.39
Engage NIV Youth Bible£23.19
Engage: Issue 1£3.19
Engage: Issue 2£3.19
Engage: Issue 3£3.19
ESV Gift and Award Bible£4.79
ESV Gift and Award Bible£4.79
ESV Holy Bible for Kids£8.79
Exploring the Bible Together£10.39
Faker (Dutch)£8.79
Faker (Spanish)£3.99
Fam! Bam! Bible Jam! CD£7.99
Finish the Race£4.79
Girl Talk£10.39
God Made Me AND You£10.39
God's Big Picture£7.19
God's Smuggler£8.79
Good Question£0.79
Goodbye to Goodbyes (Greek)£7.19
Hanging In There£5.59
Honest Evangelism£7.19
Hope in an Anxious World£3.99
How can I be sure?£3.99
How can I be sure? (Romanian)£3.19
How Do We Know That Christianity Is Really True?£5.59
How will the world end?£3.99
How will the world end? (Italian)£3.19
Is forgiveness really free?£3.99
Is forgiveness really free? (Korean)£3.19
Is God anti-gay?£3.99
Is God anti-gay? (German)£3.99
Is God Anti-Gay? (Italian)£3.19
Is God anti-gay? (Polish)£3.99
Is God anti-gay? (Spanish)£3.19
Is hell for real?£3.99
It's Your Move£2.80
Jesus and the Lions' Den (Italian)£7.19
Jesus and the Lions' Den (Korean)£7.19
Jesus and the Lions' Den Storybook£7.19
Life Changer£3.99
Life Hacks£5.59
Life Tastes Better£2.39
Life to the Max£2.79
Light in the Darkness£3.99
Little Black Book: Jesus£2.39
Little Black Book: Life after Death£2.39
Little Black Book: Predestination£2.39
Little Black Book: Science and God£2.39
Little Black Book: Sex£2.39
Little Black Book: Suffering & Evil£2.39
Little Black Book: The Bible£2.39
Little Black Book: The Holy Spirit£2.39
Little Black Book: What's Life All About?£2.39
Little Book: Big Picture£0.16
Mirror Mirror£7.19
NIrV Accessible Edition: New Testament£6.39
NIV Compact Hardback Bible£10.39
NIV Pocket Blue Soft-Tone Bible with Clasp£14.39
NIV Popular Soft-Tone Bible with Zip£18.39
No Mountain Too High£4.79
On His Majesty's Service£4.79
One Life£5.59
Original Jesus£2.39
Perfect Sinners£7.19
Pocket Bible (NIV)£7.19
Purity is Possible£7.19
QCA: Did the devil make me do it? (Spanish)£3.19
QCA: How will the world end? (Spanish)£3.99
QCA: Is Hell for real? (Spanish)£3.19
QCA: Where was God when that happened? (Romanian)£3.19
QCA: Who on earth is the Holy Spirit? (Spanish)£3.99
QCA: Why did Jesus have to die? (Spanish)£3.19
Reformation Fire£4.79
Respectable Sins - Student edition£9.20
School Survival£4.79
Short Steps for Long Gains: Youth Edition£1.99
Swimming Against The Tide£4.79
Ten Boys Who Changed The World£4.79
Ten boys who made a difference£4.79
Ten Boys Who Used their Talents£4.79
Ten Girls Who Changed the World£4.79
Ten Girls Who Made A Difference£4.79
Ten Girls who used their Talents£4.79
The Action Bible£14.39
The Action Bible - New Testament£9.59
The Bible is God's Word£4.79
The Cry of My Heart£5.59
The Freedom Fighter£4.79
The God Contest Storybook£7.19
The God Contest Storybook (French)£8.58
The Gospel of Mark£1.20
The Hiding Place£8.79
The Lion Graphic Bible£8.79
The Sharpened Sword£4.79
The Third Day£3.99
The Third Day (Kazakh)£3.99
This Changes Everything£10.39
Transformed by Truth£8.79
True Beauty£8.79
Ultimate Questions - ESV£1.19
Ultimate Questions - NIV£1.19
Uncovering the Life of Jesus£3.99
What happens when I die?£3.99
What happens when I die? (Italian)£3.19
What happens when I die? (Korean)£3.19
What Happens When We Die?£5.59
What kind of God£7.19
What makes us human?£3.99
Where was God when that happened?£3.99
Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?£5.59
Who on earth is the Holy Spirit?£3.99
Who Will Be King - Activity Book£3.19
Why am I feeling like this?£8.79
Why bother with church?£3.99
Why Did Jesus Come?£0.20
Why did Jesus have to die?£3.99
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?£5.59
Will you be my Facebook friend?£2.39
You can really grow£7.19