Little Black Book: Science and God

Little Black Book: Science and God

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A short book on the topic of science and God that will help teenagers build and defend their faith

Part of the Little Black Books series.

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Much of what we read about science and God these days suggests they are archenemies.

Some very noisy atheists are spending lots of time and energy trying to convince us that science has proved God doesn’t exist, and if you still believe in God then you’re pretty stupid.

Scott Petty looks at some of the big questions surrounding the relationship between God and science.

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  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Why you don’t need to pick a team
    Chapter 2: Big Bang or big God?
    Chapter 3: Dramatic design or a risky existence?
    Chapter 4: Evolution or evil-ution?
    Chapter 5: God and the evidence
    Chapter 6: Q&A

  • Endnotes


Age range: 14+
Contributors Scott Petty
ISBN 9781921896194
Format Paperback
First published August 2010
Dimensions 147mm x 150mm x 8mm
Weight 0.14 kg
Print size 10.0pt
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher Matthias Media

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About Little Black Books
A new series of books that get straight to the point on the topics that Christians always have questions about. Not too big, not too fancy, and not at all boring. LBBs are ideal for young Christians (ages 14-20+), but speak biblical truths applicable to any age range.

Customer reviews

24 Aug 2015

“Good resource”

This book is easy and quick to read and provides good and clear explanations to questions around Science and God. I found it a great resource for answering questions from teenagers and students. Well worth buying.

17 Dec 2014

“Great resource”

Being a University Minister I enjoyed this little gem of a book. I've already suggested it to our students to read. It answers questions that those with faith deal with on a weekly basis in the university setting. Thank you for the science project Scott, it was a good read and the reference are great to deepen our understanding of these debates we find ourselves in these days. I do think it is a book that can be helpful in always giving an answer for the reason we have our hope. I would suggest this not just to the youth but also to university students, as many have a stance on things, but with little knowledge or understanding, they just say what they heard, with no real depth or conviction. This book helps in getting people (those of faith and those of no faith), thinking deeper and coming to a knowledge of the truth so that they might repent. I want to look further at the other Little Black Books after reading this one. Keep up the good work on helping this dark world see the light.

7 Oct 2014


This book makes some good points about the weaknesses of the theory of evolution, but sees the theory are spiritually harmless. The book does not deal with the problem of an original creation that God described as very good, whereas evolution presuppooses that death, suffering and disease have always existed. Nor does the book deal with the Bible's link between sin and death, as evolution states that death etc came long before man and man's disobedience. Finally if the Bible is not a trustworthy historical doument as regards Creation, the Fall and the Flood, many will argue that it may not be accurate as regards the birth, death and resurrection of Christ

14 Sep 2012


I bought this book to then pass on to a friend who is asking how Genesis and evolution fit together. This book was good at answering the key science vs. God questions without becoming too complicated.

13 Aug 2012


Brilliant! Youth loved it. Relevant

21 Mar 2012


I bought this book for a group of high achieving sixth formers who were struggling with the whole science/faith issues. They have been reading a chapter a week and discussing as part of their senior youth fellowship group and it has been terrific - they just love it. So clearly written with good scientific backup and sound biblical basis. In fact they love it so much that many of them have bought some of the other books in the series of their own accord!! Speaks volumes!!

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Little Black Book: Science and God | Scott Petty |
£2.99 £2.39