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Lost in the Caverns

The Dream Keeper Saga Book 3

Book 3 in the Dream Keeper Saga - an adventure novel series for kids 8-12 with Christian Themes.

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Twelve-year-old dream keeper Lily McKinley is grieving the death of Prince Pax when, in an instant, he appears by his tomb with a message for her: “Whomever you meet, tell them about what you have seen and heard in this valley. Tell them about what I gave for them, and won for them.” Though she feels her powers weakening, she must embark on a dangerous journey through the Desert of the Forgotten to regain her ability to dream and spread Pax’s message.

This exciting novel, the third book of the Dream Keeper Saga by Kathryn Butler, mixes fantasy with Christian themes, taking kids 8-12 on an adventure steeped in magic, mystery, and glimmers of hope.

  • Christian Themes: This exciting story invites readers into deep conversations about the gospel and theological issues including sacrifice, salvation, and evangelism
  • Ideal for kids 8-12 and Families: Includes kids’ favourite fantasy and adventure elements with imaginative new characters and settings 
  • Book 3 in the Dream Keeper Saga by Kathryn Butler  

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  • Map

    Chapter 1: A Light in the Darkness  
    Chapter 2: Mistwood
    Chapter 3: Empty Halls
    Chapter 4: Whoosh
    Chapter 5: Glower
    Chapter 6: Downriver
    Chapter 7: Memories in Ruins
    Chapter 8: Lost in the Fog
    Chapter 9: Above the Clouds
    Chapter 10: Into the Veil
    Chapter 11: Captured
    Chapter 12: The Dwellers
    Chapter 13: The Furnace Room
    Chapter 14: Brute
    Chapter 15: Into the Mines
    Chapter 16: Magnus’s Court
    Chapter 17: Battle in the Deep
    Chapter 18: The Broken Memory
    Chapter 19: The Uprising
    Chapter 20: The Painted Woodland
    Chapter 21: Alister
    Chapter 22: The Stolen Dream
    Chapter 23: The Desert of the Forgotten
    Chapter 24: Down the Rabbit Hole
    Chapter 25: The Princess and the Wyvern
    Chapter 26: Wendell
    Chapter 27: The Lairs of the Forgotten
    Chapter 28: The Lost Girl
    Chapter 29: The Dream Catcher 
    Chapter 30: Battle in the Sand
    Chapter 31: The Lost Prince
    Chapter 32: Beginnings and Endings

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Age range: 8+
Contributors Kathryn Butler
ISBN 9781433587788
Format Paperback
First published June 2023
Dimensions 140mm x 216mm x 29mm
Weight 0.46 kg
Language US English
Pages 432
Publisher Crossway

David Mathis

Executive Editor at and author of Habits of Grace

I want to know Pax. With each book he becomes more compelling, and with him, the whole saga. Some series begin with their best tale, then try to muster up sequels. The Dream Keeper Saga gets better with each book. Kathryn Butler wins our trust with her characters, engaging turns, and deeply Christian themes. I’m excited to add the Dream Keeper Saga to our family canon.

James D. Witmer

Managing Editor,; author, A Year in the Big Old Garden, Beside the Pond, and The Strange New Dog

Two of my favorite things about the Dream Keeper Saga are the character Pax and the almost Mad-Libs-esque imaginative flow, appropriate (even necessary) to a world redeemed from humanity’s collective dreams.

Erin Davis

Revive Our Hearts; author of Fasting and Feasting and Beyond Bath Time

When was the last time you got lost in a good story? The last time you felt yourself throw off the day’s troubles and sink into a tale for the ages? The wait is over. Kathryn Butler’s beautiful book Lost in the Caverns will draw you in and hold you close. The best news is that it will point your young reader to the greatest story ever told, the redemption story. Prepare to be captivated!

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Lost in the Caverns | Kathryn Butler |
£11.99 £9.59