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This Changes Everything

How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years

How the truth about God frees teens to live joyful, obedient, and Christ-exalting lives.

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My name is Jaquelle, and I'm a teenager.

I like football movies, sushi, and dark chocolate. But the biggest, most crucial, most significant thing about me is that my life’s task is to follow Jesus. He is the One who changed my life.

That’s what this book is about.

It’s for teenagers eager to reject the status quo and low standards our culture sets for us. It’s for those of us who don’t want to spend the adolescent years slacking off, but rather standing out and digging deep into what Jesus says about following him. This book will help you see how the truth about God changes everything—our relationships, our time, our sin, our habits, and more—freeing us to live joyful, obedient, and Christ-exalting lives, even while we’re young.

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  • Introduction
    1. Our Identity
    2. Our Story
    3. Our Community
    4. Our Sin
    5. Our Disciplines
    6. Our Growth
    7. Our Time
    8. Our Relationships

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Age range: 13+
Contributors Jaquelle Crowe
ISBN 9781433555145
Format Hardback
First published March 2017
Dimensions 140mm x 216mm x 15mm
Weight 0.27 kg
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher Crossway

Don Carson

Co-founder, The Gospel Coalition; Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

In a culture where many young people feel entitled and struggle through swamps of victimization, Jaquelle Crowe calls her fellow teens to Christian discipline. She wants them to choose the hard tasks, the road of discipline, the life of obedience and service to Christ, in response to the gospel of grace. May she and her fellow visionaries—and there is a growing number of them!—follow this path to the end, empowered by transforming grace.

Tony Reinke

staff writer and researcher, desiringGod.org; author, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books and 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

No longer little children, not quite independent adults, teenhood is the fast transition between the two. In all the changes, wise teens need straight talk—bold talk!—the kind of advice that is sharp enough to help them cut through the false promises and lies of our culture and blunt enough to push back all the old, tired stereotypes of teenagers. You found it! This book is fearless, lucid, God focused, and gospel drenched, all applied in concrete practices, and aimed at nothing less than your eternal joy. These precious years are not the time to slack off, Jaquelle says, it’s the time to stand out. This book stands out as a valiant work from one teen serving other teens (and those who love them)!

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This Changes Everything | Jaquelle Crowe |
£12.99 £10.39