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How should we read John 1:1? Ed Stetzer interviews Josh Moody

Josh Moody | July 19th 2017

Author and speaker, Ed Stetzer interviews Josh Moody about his new book, John For You.... continue reading


John Stott's life-changing chapter

Ed Shaw | July 11th 2017

The story of how the biblical wisdom of John Stott helped Ed Shaw at a time of need.... continue reading


Is this the Bible you've been waiting for?

Tim Thornborough | July 10th 2017

We're delighted to announce the availability of a Bible that will break down the barriers to reading God's Word for millions...... continue reading


Five great reasons to skip reading your Bible this summer

Rachel Jones | June 22nd 2017

It's too hot, no one will notice and you're out of routine.... continue reading


The danger of personal Bible reading

Tim Thornborough | June 20th 2017

I am so grateful for the encouragement I received as a new Christian to form good habits. To find a time and a place and a method that worked for me to meet with God in his word. ... continue reading


14 quotes from John Stott on Same Sex Relationships

John Stott | June 14th 2017

Here are fourteen quotes of Dr Stott at his best—communicating timeless truth with vigour and warmth... continue reading


“I killed him with love in my heart”: the complex and painful tragedies at the heart of assisted suicide

Vaughan Roberts | May 18th 2017

Many people live with a desire to end their lives. Perhaps you or someone close to you is one of them... continue reading


Why faith is like flying: what to do when your faith feels weak

Matt Fuller | May 17th 2017

It’s easy to live the Christian life looking at our legs rather than at the solid ground... continue reading


"I walked away from Alice, the love of my life": same sex attraction and the cost of discipleship

John Stott | May 16th 2017

This moving story of one woman’s struggle to remain faithful to the Bible’s teaching is one example of the many thousands in our churches... continue reading


Three great soundbites that make terrible theology

Matt Fuller | May 11th 2017

You’ve definitely heard these, and probably said them too... continue reading

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