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Answering Children's Questions at Halloween

Alison Mitchell | October 16th 2018

Some thoughts on how we can use children's questions about halloween to point them to the wonderful truth about Christ.... continue reading


Our venture into India

Richard Roper | September 24th 2018

Our mission calling at The Good Book Company is to make and distribute resources that equip the church to bring the gospel to the world, and there are few places where they are more needed than India.... continue reading


Why we have to put reading to children back on the agenda

Tim Thornborough | March 26th 2018

Recent research has suggested that parents and carers are reading less to their children... continue reading


International Women's Day Giveaway

Joe Henegan | March 8th 2018

To celebrate International Women's Day, The Good Book Company is giving away a selection of books from some of their wonderful women writers. ... continue reading


Three evangelists reflect on the late Billy Graham

Tim Thornborough | February 21st 2018

It seems like everyone knows someone who was converted through the ministry of Billy Graham.... continue reading


Top 10 Bestsellers of 2017

Eleanor Dell | December 12th 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for The Good Book Company. Here are our top 10 bestsellers of 2017. ... continue reading


Is God Gender Neutral?

Lee Gatiss | December 8th 2017

The recent announcement that the Church of Sweden has dropped the use of the pronoun “he” for God in favour of gender neutral terms is a recent take on a very old discussion about God and gender.... continue reading


How your Christmas outreach service will probably go (told through Star Wars gifs)

Joe Henegan | November 28th 2017

The pain is real. But so is the joy!... continue reading


Christmas Outreach in a John-Lewis Age

Tim Thornborough | November 10th 2017

What the John Lewis Christmas Ad can teach us about Christmas outreach. ... continue reading


Not the Reformation 500 You’re Thinking of

Joe Henegan | October 30th 2017

Most pastors have decided to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a special service or a sermon series. But not this guy—he's gone one step (or rather, 500km) further. ... continue reading

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