Podcast: Telling Bible Stories to Children (Bob Hartman)

Bob Hartman | May 29th 2020

In this episode we talk Bob about his new children's book The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song.... continue reading


Meet the family behind our popular new kid's book

Sarah Parker | May 28th 2020

Today we wanted to introduce you to the family behind Seek and Find: Old Testament Bible Stories. Sarah Parker, the author, shares how the book came to be… ... continue reading


Using Bible stories in your lockdown homeschooling

Bob Hartman | May 21st 2020

So whether you are finding homeschooling difficult or easy, I have an idea that you can use.... continue reading


5 people to bless with books as we find a new normal

Bethany McIlrath | May 21st 2020

Here are some ideas for who you could share encouraging, relevant books with during this time.... continue reading


"What are you doing to keep faith?"

Carl Laferton | May 19th 2020

“What are you doing to keep faith?”

Every Sunday on our livestream service, our pastor’s wife interviews someone in our church over Skype, and every Sunday that’s one of the questions she asks them.... continue reading


Podcast: The World Has Changed: Our Message Must Not (Becky Pippert)

Joe Henegan | May 15th 2020

We talk to Becky Pippert about her new book Stay Salt. ... continue reading


Abortion: Not just an ‘out there’ problem

Dr Lizzie Ling | May 14th 2020

Worldwide, it is estimated that there are some 40 million induced abortions every year.... continue reading


How can you tell if someone is spiritually open?

Rebecca Manley Pippert | May 12th 2020

How can we tell if someone is spiritually open or closed? Here are three steps that may prove helpful. ... continue reading


The world has changed. Our message must not

Rebecca Manley Pippert | May 7th 2020

Never has there been a greater need to share Christ with the world, starting with our own neighbor—and never have believers felt more ill-equipped.... continue reading


An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

Jeff Walton | May 5th 2020

One flesh. That’s what all Christian marriages are called to live out. And yet...... continue reading

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