Why fear of God is good news

Kathleen Nielson | August 4th 2020

Proverbs’ wisdom is not just learned intellectually but lived out practically. And it’s not lived out alone. Proverbs’ wisdom is found in relationship with the Lord.... continue reading


On the podcast with Kathleen Nielson: wisdom Is applying God's truth to our lives

Kathleen Nielson | July 31st 2020

In this episode we talk to renowned conference speaker and bible teacher, Kathleen Nielson about her new study guide to the book of Proverbs. ... continue reading


Come, learn to pray with The Psalms!

Christopher Ash | July 28th 2020

In many parts of the Christian church today the Psalms are a neglected treasure: many churches are like a poverty-stricken house with incalculable riches forgotten, neglected, moth-eaten and dusty in the attic.... continue reading


Why are there fewer miracles today?

Tim Chester | July 24th 2020

No one has switched God off. Modern humanity has not closed the doors of the world, leaving God on the outside, unable to get in.

So can we expect miracles to happen in the way they did during the ministry of Jesus and the apostles?... continue reading


Strength for today, no matter what today looks like

Bethany McIlrath | July 23rd 2020

Philippians 4 v 13 is the sort of verse you can easily find on coffee mugs, runners’ shirts, jewelry and other memorabilia.... continue reading


J.I. Packer: A Legacy of Great Books

Tim Thornborough | July 21st 2020

I was converted the same year that Knowing God was published. ... continue reading


Meditations from a hospital bed

Courtney Reissig | July 16th 2020

When I was 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, my placenta partially abrupted.... continue reading


Why I Can’t Wait to Get Back to Church

Sam Allberry | July 13th 2020

I can’t wait to get back to church. To be there, in real time, physically present.... continue reading


Men: here’s how you can talk helpfully about abortion (and help practically)

Dr Lizzie Ling | July 9th 2020

“I am a man who is frustrated that, so often, abortion is seen as a woman’s issue. How can my voice be heard?”... continue reading


In support of sitting on the fence about miracles

Tim Chester | July 7th 2020

Do you believe that miracles occur today?... continue reading

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