A 5 minute theology of selfies

Rachel Jones | December 13th 2019

When did you last take a selfie? 

Chances are, pretty recently. According to Google, Android users post more than 93 million selfies every day, with the average millennial on track to post 25700 selfies in his or her lifetime (roughly one per day).  ... continue reading


5 Things to Pray on Election Day (and the day after)

Carl Laferton | December 12th 2019

Today the British public head to the polls to cast their vote in a snap general election. However you feel about today's events, you can pray. God’s Word has not left us struggling to know what to pray for. We should pray—and pray earnestly—for today's election. ... continue reading


Staff picks of the year: what we loved reading in 2019

Joe Henegan | December 10th 2019

We’re a booky bunch. You may have guessed. Not only do we enjoy writing, editing, making and selling our own great books, but (and don’t tell my boss I wrote this) we also love books by other publishers.... continue reading


Your Kids Need More Than Blessed Statements

Chris Morphew | December 9th 2019

You might remember it doing the rounds on social media—a page from one of those verse-a-day desk calendars, featuring an inspirational Bible quote adorned with a purple flower:

“If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.” (Luke 4:7, KJV)

Simple. Powerful. Heartwarming.... continue reading


A 5 Minute Theology of Home Decor

Alison Mitchell | December 5th 2019

A quick look round any newsagent or bookstore will throw up books and magazines galore for creating the house beautiful. The right throw for your sofa. The exact colour for your lounge walls. The perfect splashback for your kitchen.... continue reading


Parents: You Probably Shouldn’t Read This Article (But Reading a Book Might Help)

Harriet Connor | December 4th 2019

I can clearly remember the day when I gave up on the internet parenting experts.... continue reading


Support the spread of the gospel around the world at the click of a button

Sarah Quinlan | December 2nd 2019

By supporting Christianity Explored Ministries this Giving Tuesday, you can help others share the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. ... continue reading


FREE songs and resources for your Christmas kids' service

Rachel Jones | November 28th 2019

It’s Christmas, which means it’s time once again for your annual crib service / toddler group party / Sunday school nativity service / festive family event / Christmas school assembly… Feeling short of inspiration? We’ve got the resources to help. ... continue reading


A 5 minute theology of veganism

Rachel Jones | November 26th 2019

What does the Bible say about veganism?... continue reading


Fourteen Christmas Resolutions We’ve All Made (in cat gifs)

Joe Henegan | November 22nd 2019

Christmas is here. We know because all the supermarket packaging has snowflakes and holly leaves on it.... continue reading

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