6 things writing an evangelistic book taught a guilty non-evangelist

Rachel Jones | February 26th 2019

For a writer, it sounded like a dream assignment: sit down with eleven strangers, interview them about how they became a Christian, and write up their stories into an evangelistic book of testimonies for our partner organisation, Christianity Explored Ministries.... continue reading


The joy of bookshelves—Marie Kondo and your library

Tim Thornborough | February 25th 2019

Why do you keep books on your shelf?... continue reading


This Lent, even if it’s for the first time, open up your Bible with your children

Ed Drew | February 25th 2019

Parenting is often the story of loving our children enough to muddle through when we don’t really know what we’re doing.... continue reading


Did Jesus Heal our Diseases at the Cross?

Tim Chester | February 21st 2019

Did Jesus heal our diseases at the cross? When you read Isaiah’s great song about the servant of the LORD the answer seems pretty straight-forward...... continue reading


Is your smartphone making you unhappy?

Emily Robertson | February 19th 2019

If recent reports into smartphone and social media usage are to be believed, then the answer is a resounding - yes! And, shockingly, if you’re a female then the link between the amount of time you spend on social media and the likelihood of you experiencing anxiety and depression are even higher.... continue reading


What we learn about Jesus through Rio Ferdinand’s wife

Tim Chester | February 15th 2019

“Tell me this,” Rebecca asked her coldly. “Have you ever lost someone close to you?” “Well, no, I can’t say I have,” the young woman replied. “But I have trained.” Without another word, Rebecca shifted onto her side to face the wall.... continue reading


Revelation is a book for our generation, and every Christian should read it

Tim Chester | February 12th 2019

If we are to remain faithful we don’t just need information about Christ, vital as that is. We also need our imaginations to be fired. We need the perspective of heaven. We don’t just need a textbook; we need a drama, a sound and light show, a movie.... continue reading


Evangelist Rico Tice on how to share your story

Rico Tice | February 11th 2019

To celebrate the launch of Finding More, a new collection of testimonies, we spoke to Rico Tice about why sharing your own story can be so powerful in evangelism and how to go about doing it. ... continue reading


8 illustrations from Goodbye to Goodbyes that you might have missed...

Andre Parker | February 11th 2019

Did you spot all of these hidden details?... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Letter Z

Rachel Jones | February 8th 2019

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading

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