Five Signs Your Brother Needs Your Help

Dan DeWitt | February 5th 2019

Most vehicles have a number of warning signs to alert you to potential problems. I remember my old college car that had a “check engine” light that I learned to blissfully ignore all the way until the engine locked up while driving down the interstate. Similarly, my current vehicle has a service light that comes on when I need an oil change. I sometimes ignore that for a couple weeks as well.... continue reading


I thought Christians were stupid bigots

Rachel Gilson | February 4th 2019

I was drawn in by Jesus—but at the same time, my sexuality was a big barrier. I knew that I wanted to marry a woman someday, and I knew that Christianity wasn’t OK with that.... continue reading


What To Do When You’ve Blown It

Dan DeWitt | February 4th 2019

I love the story of Peter in the Bible. That guy could really be an idiot. Maybe that’s why I identify with him so. I can be an idiot too. I’m thankful God loves idiots.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letters X and Y

Rachel Jones | February 1st 2019

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading


Seven emotions no one told you to expect in your 20s

Rachel Jones | January 31st 2019

School prepared me for adult life by teaching me how to find out the length of one side of a triangle. But there were no exams for dealing with this stuff…... continue reading


What to do about provocateurs and contrarians in church

Christopher Ash | January 30th 2019

“I love arguments, especially theological arguments.” An applicant to the Cornhill Training Course said that to me some years ago, when I was Director. He did not get a place.... continue reading


How to talk to your children about death

Lauren Chandler | January 29th 2019

My favorite memories as a child were mostly made on my grandparents’ farm. Out there, the stars shined brighter; the air smelled sweeter; time slowed to a gentle crawl. Life lessons abounded. Crops wilted in the summer heat, thirsting for rain promised but never fulfilled. Cows calved all on their own.... continue reading


Our grumbling puts God on trial and finds him guilty

Tim Chester | January 24th 2019

People who moan really annoy me.... continue reading


Do I need to have an answer for everything? Apologetics for un-apologetically-typed people

Rachel Jones | January 24th 2019

You can tell you’re an un-apologetically-typed person if you think that apologetics is going around apologizing for the existence of Christianity—if it were thus, we Brits would have a distinct advantage.... continue reading


Are you a real adult? Take the quiz to find out

Rachel Jones | January 21st 2019

Find out if you're a fully functioning grown up or an adulting fail. ... continue reading

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