5 Things to Say in the New Year

Katy Morgan | January 1st 2020

The first days of January are a perfect time for reflection. It’s not out of place to have deeper-than-usual conversations at this time of year. And, if we’re ready, we can use them to talk about Christ.... continue reading


You really can enjoy reading the Bible this year

Carl Laferton | December 30th 2019

What changed last time you read your Bible? For most of us, the answer is: Nothing.... continue reading


9 Times in the 2010s when we totally mined the news for sermon illustrations

Rachel Jones | December 28th 2019

Whatever else you can say about the 2010s, one thing is for sure: there’s been no shortage of news. And where there are news headlines, there are sermon illustrations…... continue reading


Podcast: Daily Bible Reading - What's The Point?

Joe Henegan | December 27th 2019

'Quiet time'. 'Devotion'. 'Bible reading plan'. Whatever you call it, and however you do it, we all know how important it is to hear from God in His word regularly... continue reading


A Christmas Tale: Jacob Butterby and the Christmas Star

Katy Morgan | December 24th 2019

As the mayor of Kings Edbury, Jacob was responsible for the Christmas decorations in the town square. Every year, the star would be placed on the top of the tree during the church service at the very beginning of Christmas Day. As the sun rose and the service ended, the people would throng into the square to admire the magnificent star. Then they would smile at one another and say, “Christ is born!” And Christmas would begin.... continue reading


Best of the Blog 2019

Eleanor Elms | December 23rd 2019

This year our blog has seen many thought-provoking pieces from countless different authors. We hope that your thoughts have been stirred and your hearts encouraged by it. Have a look at our most-viewed blogs of 2019:... continue reading


The Big Christmas Story Quiz

Rachel Jones | December 20th 2019

Can you remember enough about the Christmas story to be crowned a nativity know-it-all, or are you three legs short of a donkey? We've written this quiz with the whole family in mind – there are 12 questions which get progressively harder!... continue reading


A 5 Minute Theology of Weather

Alison Mitchell | December 19th 2019

They say that Brits are always talking about the weather. I say that’s because it’s wonderful!... continue reading


Bestsellers of 2019

Eleanor Elms | December 17th 2019

2019 has been an exciting year for us here at The Good Book Company. By God’s grace, we’ve released over 40 products on a vast array of topics. We hope you loved reading them as much as we loved editing, designing, printing, promoting and delivering them.... continue reading


A 5 minute theology of selfies

Rachel Jones | December 13th 2019

When did you last take a selfie? 

Chances are, pretty recently. According to Google, Android users post more than 93 million selfies every day, with the average millennial on track to post 25700 selfies in his or her lifetime (roughly one per day).  ... continue reading

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