Why and How to Pray While You’re Grieving

Abbey Wedgeworth | September 8th 2020

Suffering, like miscarriage, finds us in that space of ungranted petitions, where cynicism tempts us to cease to pray altogether, whispering that God doesn’t care or that praying doesn’t make a difference. But in the example of our Savior we see that prayer is anything but pointless.... continue reading


On the Podcast with Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr Ewing | September 4th 2020

The existence of pain and suffering is one of the most common objections against the God of the bible.... continue reading


Where is God in depression and suicide?

Amy Orr Ewing | September 3rd 2020

The suffering of mental-health disorders presents a very particular challenge to anyone considering the question of suffering alongside questions of faith since, if we are afflicted personally with a mental-health condition, our very perceptions, thoughts and feelings are affected directly.... continue reading


On the Podcast with Jennifer Greenberg: Life After Abuse

Joe Henegan | August 28th 2020

Jenn Greenberg was abused by her church-going father. Yet she is still a Christian. In this episode we talk to her about her book Not Forsaken.... continue reading


How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused?

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | August 27th 2020

I knew when I began this journey that I’d likely hear stories from other survivors too. What I didn’t expect was that over half of them would be male.... continue reading


Where is God in the pain of systemic injustice?

Amy Orr Ewing | August 25th 2020

Where is God? Does God have any relevance in the face of great mountains of human degradation and pain?... continue reading


Surviving 21 Years of Abuse: This is Not My Story

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | August 20th 2020

And while homeschooling is a blessing – and I myself have chosen to homeschool my children – the privacy, the seclusion, and the isolation it afforded created a protective shield for my father.... continue reading


Suffering. For Me, It's Personal

Amy Orr Ewing | August 18th 2020

Books on suffering written by academic types rarely connect with people who are actually suffering. I work in Oxford, and I have had the opportunity of studying and teaching throughout my adult working life. In the course of that time, I have found myself drawn to thinking about and reflecting on some of the toughest questions of life. Through all of that, I have come to realise that if Christian faith is worth considering, it needs to be deep enough to cope with our most rigorous human scrutiny and our most heart-rending questions.... continue reading


The Most Important Lesson Parents Teach

Melissa Kruger | August 11th 2020

In an effort to do all the things we’re supposed to make sure to do, we run our children from playgroups to practices, all the while somewhat confused and lost in the haze, wondering, “Am I doing everything I’m supposed to do?” ... continue reading


On the Podcast with Melissa Kruger: Discipling our children in the things that matter most

Melissa Kruger | August 7th 2020

In this episode we chat to Melissa about the challenge modern Christian parents face as they seek to disentangle their children from worldly aspirations, while encouraging them to glorify God and enjoy him forever. ... continue reading

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