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Christian, read fiction

Karen Swallow Prior | June 11th 2020

We shouldn’t think of books as merely an educational tool.... continue reading

Coronavirus Codebreaker Sheet for Kids

Alison Mitchell | April 9th 2020

Entertain your kids with this fun coronavirus codebreaker worksheet!... continue reading

How to start reading the Bible with young kids

Lizzie Laferton | March 3rd 2020

The best thing we can do today for our children is prayerfully to share God’s word with them.... continue reading

A 5 Minute Theology of Weather

Alison Mitchell | December 19th 2019

They say that Brits are always talking about the weather. I say that’s because it’s wonderful!... continue reading

How our church recruited 20 new families workers for £300 per year

Dave Griffith-Jones | July 2nd 2019

Every church I know wishes that it had more people and more money to be involved in children’s work. We all wish we had the resources to have more groups in Sunday School, more work in schools, more clubs during the week, so that more children could know and love ...

Revelation is a book for our generation, and every Christian should read it

Tim Chester | February 12th 2019

If we are to remain faithful we don’t just need information about Christ, vital as that is. We also need our imaginations to be fired. We need the perspective of heaven. We don’t just need a textbook; we need a drama, a sound and light show, a movie.... continue reading

8 gifts to help 8 people you know encounter Christ this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 14th 2018

Gifts for the stressed-out Christian, not-yet Christian, drifting Christian and for children of all ages.... continue reading

If God is in control, why should we pray?

Christopher Ash | March 15th 2017

It’s a question we’ve all asked from time to time... continue reading

If God is in control, why do I have a headache?

Christopher Ash | February 23rd 2017

Sometimes we look at our present circumstances and are left asking… WHY? Here are some of the main answers the Bible gives... continue reading

Six ways to answer the question: Is God really in control?

Christopher Ash | February 16th 2017

Any thoughtful person asks these questions. Is there a God? If so, what is God like? Is God really in control? In history, there have been perhaps six main ways of “answering” these questions... continue reading

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