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Unchanging Truths from God's Word

Michael Page | July 15th 2021

The Bible encourages and reminds God’s people about who he is and why we can trust him. It helps us to have confidence when we are feeling uncertain about our circumstances or anxious about the future.

As we celebrate 30 years of opening up the Bible, we asked some of our staff to share an unchanging truth from God's word that is particularly precious to them, which they come back to again and again for encouragement.... continue reading

How Do I Keep A Feeling of Contentment?

Jennie Pollock | July 8th 2021

They’re few and far between, aren’t they, those days of transcendent joy? You’ve probably experienced a few of them in your life—when the guy you liked finally noticed you; when you got accepted to the college you’d been dreaming of; when you slept well, woke up late and knew the vacation was just beginning. But a life can’t all be highlights, and I’m sure you’ve had more than one moment of wondering, “How do I keep a feeling of contentment on the ordinary days, let alone the difficult days?”... continue reading

Don’t Forget To Rest

Adam Mabry | June 24th 2021

I can relate to exiled Israel, who quickly forget about God’s command to keep the Sabbath. Maybe you can, too. It’s so easy to let go of the rhythm of rest, forget all that rest is meant to help us remember, let loose a flood of issues, and by that stage be so far into forgetfulness that we wonder where all these issues came from and how on earth we might turn the tide.... continue reading

Anxiety doesn’t have to be a lonely place

Helen Thorne | June 14th 2021

Anxiety is a lonely place. A cursory glance at our social-media feeds and everyone else appears to have it all. Even when we remind ourselves that social media isn’t an accurate representation of how life is, that sense of being alone with our pain can remain.... continue reading

4 Reasons We Church Hop, Shop, or Quit

Tony Merida | June 3rd 2021

Why is belonging to a church such a challenge? As Christians, we need to overcome at least four obstacles to live out the biblical vision of a gospel-centered, Spirit-filled community in the church... continue reading

How to Talk About Church with Your Church

Tony Merida | June 1st 2021

I have the privilege of talking with pastors from around the world on a weekly basis. Every context is dealing with Covid differently, but very many pastors have described to me the need to “re-launch” or “re-boot” their churches. After so many months of restrictions on church gatherings, they want to call people to re-engage. In my own context, too, we’re preparing to do a sermon series on the local church which will explore what the church really is—and emphasize its glory.... continue reading

5 Things to Pray for Your Parents When They’re Feeling Lonely

Chelsea Stanley | May 27th 2021

If you’re an adult child, chances are that your parents may be among those who are feeling the ache of loneliness right now. There are lots of ways to come alongside them and help them feel less lonely—calling them regularly, sending a note, and dropping off a meal can be tangible expressions of love for sure. But there are times when even our kindest gestures can’t fill the void of loneliness, and the best thing we can do for our parents is to turn to the only one who can.... continue reading

Praying That God Will Bring My Parents Joy

Chelsea Stanley | May 25th 2021

This is an extract from 5 Things to Pray for Your Parents by Chelsea Stanley to help you pray for your parents, that they would find their joy in our everlasting God rather than the temporary things of this world. Below are five prayer prompts based on Psalm 16 v 8-11.... continue reading

Seven Things Every Christian Man Should Know about Periods

Rachel Jones | May 11th 2021

Ok, so maybe with a headline like that we need to back up and ask: Why does a Christian man need to know anything about periods? Well, like it or not, they’re coming for you. There’s a growing number of voices in our culture seeking to bust the taboos and bring periods into the mainstream. But there’s another, more compelling reason Christian men should know something about periods: your sisters in Christ have them.... continue reading

Idolatry Comes Before Immorality

Alistair Begg | May 6th 2021

Idolatry—in your life and more broadly in society—precedes immorality. If we would understand why immorality is tolerated or even promoted, we need to look behind the behavior to the worship—to the idol. Of course, the idols change; few people in the West bow down to golden images today. But the idols have no less a hold, and our reasons for bowing to them are no different—they look impressive, our peers are worshiping them, and our society threatens us with penalties if we do not join in.... continue reading

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