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Five Fascinating Facts about Her Majesty The Queen

Alison Mitchell | June 2nd 2022

Queen Elizabeth II has been Britain’s queen for over 70 years, having become queen in 1926 when she was just 25 years old. During her reign she has worked with 14 British prime ministers and met every US president since Harry S. Truman (except for President Lyndon B. Johnson). She has also met chart-topping pop stars, medal-winning athletes, and knew the Bible teachers Billy Graham and John Stott. Her travels have taken her to over 110 countries across six continents, making her Britain’s best-travelled as well as longest-reigning monarch.... continue reading

Taste and See: A Reflection for Your Holiday

John Hindley | May 26th 2022

Most of us love to eat. Away from home we explore different foods, take more time over meals and treat ourselves. In our family, we have various traditions around food on trips away—taking it in turns to cook, going out for breakfast and several others. Personally, I love ice cream, especially on a beach, in a cheap cone with a chocolate flake. To me that’s the taste of sun, freedom and childhood.... continue reading

The Self-Denial of True Rest

John Hindley | May 24th 2022

How do we rest in the world of frenetic activity? How do we rest in the way Jesus calls us to rest? How do we rest in a way that leaves our souls refreshed, our hearts overflowing with love, our minds at peace and with space for creative thought, and our hands willing to do good works? For me, one answer is the sea.... continue reading

Help for Men Facing Miscarriage

Paul David Tripp | May 19th 2022

There will be a day when every child of God will be invited to the one funeral that we will all want to attend: we will be invited to the funeral of death.

Yes, it really is true—death will die and eternally be no more. Along with it will die all the grief, pain, fear, sadness, suffering, and loss that death always drags with it. The completely righteous life of Jesus, the acceptable sacrifice of Jesus, and the victorious resurrection of Jesus, all accomplished on our behalf, guarantee that the enemy of everyone living—death—will finally and forever die.... continue reading

Summer Reading Checklist

Bethany McIlrath | May 17th 2022

One of the best things about longer days and time away is getting to read more. Staycation, vacation or simply living at a slower pace over the summer are all great excuses to settle down with a book you've been wondering about or to dive into a topic you don't normally have the headspace for.... continue reading

Recommended Reads For Your Summer Holiday

Bethany McIlrath | May 12th 2022

As you write out your packing list for your summer holiday, don’t forget to include a few books to enjoy on the porch, poolside or even in the car! Here’s what we would recommend this summer and why.  ... continue reading

Showing Kids What Grace Means

Katy Morgan | May 10th 2022

What is it about grace that’s so hard to grasp? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked children and young people from Christian homes why Jesus died, or what difference forgiveness makes to our lives, and they’ve come back with thoughts about how you ought to behave—no grace in sight. Or I’ve asked them what grace means and they’ve triumphantly told me it’s God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense, but without being able to explain what that means in practice. “What riches?” I say. “Ummm…” they reply.... continue reading

31 Christian Quotes for Graduation

Avery Powers | April 28th 2022

Leaving the nest can be scary and, well, confusing. With graduations right around the corner, students are in need of hope-filled advice for the years to come. To meet that need, we’ve compiled some of our books’ most encouraging and truth-filled Christian quotes for (soon-to-be) graduates. ... continue reading

A Sneak Peek into Our Newest Expository Bible Study Guide

Avery Powers | April 26th 2022

Studying the Bible can seem intimidating. It includes 66 books covering an extended timescale, full of unfamiliar names and places, and large sections can feel like alien territory. But each book is full of good news. In Isaiah: Here Is Your God, the newest addition to the Good Book Guide collection, trusted Bible teacher Tim Chester takes you through the book of Isaiah in a digestible and accessible way. ... continue reading

20 Powerful Quotes from I Forgive You

Avery Powers | April 14th 2022

Extending forgiveness is a challenge. When you’ve carried the burden of unforgiveness for a length of time, it can be hard to know how to step towards forgiveness and reconciliation. In sharing her own experiences and the story of Joseph and his brothers, however, author Wendy Alsup explores what repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation can look like, even in extremely difficult circumstances.... continue reading

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