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Ultimate Gospel Illustrations #4: Two shirts (and a glass of water)

Rachel Jones | October 21st 2015

Good illustrations for explaining Bible truth to children are great to use, but difficult to think up! That’s why we’re sharing some of our favourites in our series of ultimate gospel illustrations... continue reading

Ultimate gospel illustrations #3: The Book

Rachel Jones | October 13th 2015

It’s an old one, but a good one... continue reading

Ultimate Gospel Illustrations #2: the gift

Rachel Jones | October 6th 2015

“The gift” is a great way of explaining that the good news about Jesus is something which requires more than mental assent—it’s to be enjoyed!... continue reading

Ultimate gospel illustrations #1: three types of cross

Rachel Jones | September 29th 2015

You can’t beat it: that moment when the eyes of the people sitting in front of you light up and they suddenly get it.... continue reading