Beginning with God: Book 1

Exploring the Bible with your child

Beginning with God helps parents with young children to explore the Bible with their child.

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'Taste and see that the Lord is good.' - Psalm 34 v 8

Beginning with God helps parents with young children to explore the Bible with their child. This book provides a simple way to start your child in a regular habit of reading God's Word and growing to know God, who loves them.

We hope this book will help you and your child to explore the Bible together. Along the way you will read about the beginning of everything; meet Abraham, who was called a 'friend of God'; and be thrilled by the wonderful things said and done by God's perfect Son, Jesus. But most of all, we hope that reading God's special book, the Bible, will help your child to know God, who loves them.

Beginning with God has been designed to work with The Beginner's Bible, but it can also be used with most other infant Bibles.

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In today's culture so much pressure is put on us to feed our children well. We pray that this material will help those of us with pre-schoolers to nourish them with the word of God.

Each day is split into the following sections:

The main course: read today's true story from the Bible; answer some simple questions; pray together; then stick in today's colourful picture of the story.

Appetiser: an optional activity to grab your child's attention before the story.

A snack for the journey: a conversation to have while out and about.

Make it and munch it: optional craft activities to help your child remember today's true story.

Colourful sticker set included with book.

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  • How to use this book
  • Stories from the Old Testament
    • - The beginning
    • - Adam and Eve
    • - The sneaky snake
    • - Noah's ark
    • - The tall tower
    • - A new home
    • - The visitors
    • - A bride for Isaac
    • - Jacob's blessing
    • - Jacob's dream
    • - Jacob and Esau meet again
    • - Joseph's colourful robe
    • - Pharaoh's dreams
    • - Joseph saves his family
  • Stories from the New Testament
    • - An angel visits Mary
    • - Baby Jesus is born
    • - Shepherds visit
    • - Simeon and Anna meet baby Jesus
    • - The bright star and three visitors
    • - An angry king
    • - Jesus is lost!
    • - John baptises Jesus
    • - Jesus chooses His disciples
    • - Jesus' first miracle
    • - Jesus teaches on a mountain
    • - The Lord's prayer
    • - A captain's faith
    • - A hole in the roof
    • - Jesus calms the storm
  • Extras
    • - How to pray with your child
    • - How to talk about sin and forgiveness
    • - Tasty new words
    • - Make it and munch it
    • - A snack for the journey
    • - Colourful sticker set


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Age range: 2 - 5
Author Jo Boddam Whetham, Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781906334987
Format Paperback
First published 2010
Dimensions 152mm x 224mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 80
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

“Great service”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God and The Beginner's Bible')

I was impressed by the selection of books and how quickly they delivered. Will definitely use again.


“Excellent resource for little ones”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God and The Beginner's Bible')

I had already shown my 4 year old son a Bible story book and he had refused to even open it, so I was not sure how this would be received. He loves it though and is pleased to have his own Bible. The stories are very short and the pictures bright and cheerful. I like the guide book as it extends the exercise and also reminds me to pray at the beginning and the end. My son likes the bright stickers. He's always happy to read a new Bible story every day, and that makes me very happy too.


“Love it!”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God and The Beginner's Bible')

My 5 years old daughter loves the book, the guidebook is easy to follow and the stickers are bonus, she always can't wait to do that!


“Just what we were looking for!”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

My three year loves doing her Bible study everyday and is particularly keen on the sticker! I am intending to work our way through all three books and then repeat each book (great that you can buy spare sticker sets) and include the 'snack for the journey' section to extend it the secon time around.


“Fab for 3 year old son”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

My little boy enjoys reading and answering the questions most nights before bed, will definitely buy the other books in the series too


“Engaging and great way of reading the bible with my 2+ year old”

A really helpful way of conducting bible study with our little girl. I wanted some way of having my husband and I share the gospel with her and we decided to use this guide and actually we are really enjoying doing this every sunday evening after dinner. Our daughter also loves this lesson and one morning woke up saying 'I dreamt of beginning with God!' She also loves the stickers aspect so that's the fun thing for her to do. I wholeheartedly support parents if you want a fun way of introducing a conversation about the gospel with your little ones.


“excellent resource for young children”

I have 3 young children and have used these bible studies with them numerous times. I first started using them when my daughter was 3. They are prefect for pre school and junior cycle aged children. I have also given them as baptism gifts with the beginners bible. Highly recommend them for anyone with young children


“Great resource for under 5s”

This booklet is great - the content is good, the stickers are fun and there is useful purpose statement for each Bible Story that you can get to with your child. We used it with our 5 year old, but really it is too young for him - probably best pitched for a 3 or 4 year old.


“Hooray for Bible Time!”

My 2 year old son wakes up from his nap and shouts out "Time for Bible stickers!". We love this resource and are very grateful to have found it. He is sticker mad so loves finding the right sticker for the story each day. This is so well thought through: having one big idea, a short prayer, games to introduce the story, ways to continue dwelling on the truth during the child's day. It really helps me that there is nothing to prepare, I can just open it up and start reading. The language is easy for even a 2 year old to understand. Would highly recommend this to go alongside your reading of the Beginner's Bible. (PS would be great to have it in French?!)


“Very usable and well focused.”

I have recently started using this with my three and a half year old son and it works very well for our morning 'quiet time'. It can be done in quite a short time but there are ideas for lengthening it. It is very focused in the message being reinforced each day. My son enjoys the different hand positions for different types of prayers, as well as enjoying the sticker, of course! It has given me lots of ideas that can be transferred to different situations (e.g. toddler group story time etc).


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Beginning with God: Book 1 | Jo Boddam Whetham, Alison Mitchell | £4.99 £4.24