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Generous Justice

Generous Justice

How God's grace makes us just

Tim Keller looks at what the Bible has to say about justice and how can it affect society?

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“I wrote this book to present a very strong case for the Christian’s involvement in the work of justice in the world that in no way undermines the centrality of the ministry of evangelism,” Keller says.

Watch an interview with Tim Keller about Generous Justice.

It is commonly thought in secular society that the Bible is one of the greatest hindrances to doing justice. Isn’t it full of regressive views? Didn’t it condone slavery? Why look to the Bible for guidance on how to have a more just society? But Timothy Keller, pastor of New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, sees it another way. In Generous Justice, Keller explores a life of justice empowered by an experience of grace: a generous, gracious justice. Here is a book for believers who find the Bible a trustworthy guide, as well as those who suspect that Christianity is a regressive influence in the world.

Keller’s church, founded in the 80s with fewer than 100 congregants, is now exponentially larger. Over 5,000 people regularly attend Sunday services, and another 25,000 download Keller’s sermons each week. A recent profile in New York magazine described his typical sermon as 'a mix of biblical scholarship, pop culture, and whatever might have caught his eye in The New York Review of Books or on that week.' In short, Timothy Keller speaks a language that many thousands of people understand. In Generous Justice, he offers them a new understanding of modern justice and human rights.

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  • Introduction - Why write this book?
  • One: What is Doing Justice?
  • Two: Justice and the Old Testament
  • Three: What Did Jesus Say About Justice?
  • Four: Justice and Your Neighbour
  • Five: Why Should We Do Justice?
  • Six: How Should We Do Justice?
  • Seven: Doing Justice in the Public Square
  • Eight: Peace, Beauty and Justice
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments


Contributors Dr Timothy Keller
ISBN 9780340995105
Format Paperback
First published September 2015
Dimensions 126mm x 197mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 230
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton

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Generous Justice | Dr Timothy Keller | £9.99 £7.49