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Saint James Gerrards Cross and Fulmer

£8.99 £7.64

Short devotions for a holiday that’s refreshing in every way.

The Air We Breathe
£9.99 £8.49

A stimulating and engaging book which helps us discover the Christian roots of the values we prize in western society.

Enjoying God
£9.99 £8.49

A longer read for those who want to grow to know God better and think about the difference that makes to our day to day lives.

Be True to Yourself
£8.99 £7.64

An accessible book if you want to think about how happiness, wholeness and freedom can be found not by turning inwards and listening to our fluctuating feelings, but by listening to our creator.

What Happens When We Die?
£7.99 £6.79

Apologetics for Christian kids and tweens on what happens when we die.

Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?
£7.99 £6.79

Helps kids grow in faith and confidence by looking at what the Bible says about their identity.

How Do We Know That Christianity Is Really True?
£7.99 £6.79

Apologetics for Christian kids and tweens on the evidence for Christianity.

10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity
Rebecca McLaughlin
£10.99 £8.24

This short book is helpful for all the church family. 'Can Jesus be true for me but not for you?' 'Why can't we just agree that love is love?'

Where was God when that happened?
£4.99 £4.24

A tremendously helpful book for those asking the question about God and suffering.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Storybook
£9.99 £7.99

Teach kids how to pray with this beautifully illustrated Bible storybook.

Jesus Storybook Bible
£17.99 £12.85

A fantastic book to introduce our children and grandchildren to the Lord Jesus.

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Short Steps for Long Gains Family Edition
£1.99 £1.59

A wonderful book to help families with older kids spend time in God's word together.

Honest Evangelism
£8.99 £7.64

Recommended Reading for Mission

How to walk into Church
£3.49 £2.69

Recommended Reading for Membership

Caring For One Another
£6.99 £5.82

Recommended Reading for Maturity

Serving without sinking
£8.99 £7.64

Recommended Reading for Ministry. "This book helped me to see that through serving I can enjoy God more!"