Tony Payne

Tony Payne is the Publishing Director at Matthias Media, is married to Alison, and has five children — Gemma, Chloë, Miriam, Luke and Nicholas. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College in Sydney, and the author of a number of books including Guidance and the Voice of God, Pure Sex and the award-winning Islam in our Backyard.

Resources by Tony Payne
Six Steps to Reading Your Bible DVD
Tony Payne & Simon Roberts
£19.99 £15.99
£8.99 £7.19
The Vine Project Workshop
Tony Payne & Marty Sweeney
£2.50 £1.99
The Vine Project DVD
Tony Payne & Marty Sweeney
The Small Group and the Vine
Tony Payne & Marty Sweeney
£4.99 £3.99