Water for My Camels

Navigating the space between singleness and marriage when the Bible doesn’t talk about dating

Navigating the space between singleness and marriage when the Bible doesn’t talk about dating.

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The Bible has some fascinating stories of how two people meet and marry—like the Genesis story of Isaac, Rebekah and their thirsty camels. But you’ll search in vain for Bible stories that resemble the modern-day custom we call ‘dating’, or for explicit teaching from Jesus or his apostles on the topic. So how do we navigate the modern road from singleness to marriage, which is paved with potential pitfalls, temptations and hurts—unhelpfully influenced as we are by our culture’s godless view of dating and sex?

In Water for My Camels, Paul Grimmond takes us on a deep dive into the Bible’s teaching about marriage and singleness, showing how it shapes our approach to dating. Tackling this serious subject with his usual wit and humility, Paul guides us into biblical answers to the ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ dating questions, while also honestly and humbly tackling other thorny issues like:

- How do I know if it’s God’s will for me to get married?
- How do I find a like-minded person to date, and is online dating a good idea?
- How do I start or end a dating relationship?
- How do I get over the pain of a breakup?
- How do we know when we’re ready for marriage?
- How can we keep God at the centre of our dating relationship?

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  • 1. The mystery of attraction
    2. Biblical principles
    3. The cultural context of dating
    4. Getting practical: Who, when and how?
    5. Frequently asked questions about dating

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgements

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Contributors Paul Grimmond
ISBN 9781925424898
Format Paperback
First published January 2023
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 9mm
Weight 0.14 kg
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher Matthias Media

Richard Chin

National Director, Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Sydney, Australia

At last, a thoroughly biblical book on dating that acknowledges how little the Bible speaks about it! If you want to know the why and how of dating through a gospel-saturated framework that dares to explore the impact of everything from Jane Austen to pornography, then this book is for you. So much biblical wisdom from an author who has spent his lifetime serving young adults.

Jane Tooher

Director of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre, Moore Theological College

Many Christians are confused about dating, and this excellent little book will help them to have greater clarity and joy about it. For the past couple of decades, Paul Grimmond has pastorally helped countless men and women understand dating. His wisdom and experience are seen on every page of this book. If you’re considering dating either now or in the future, then I highly recommend reading this yourself. It would also work well as a gift or for parents to read with their older teens.

Ben Warren

Ministry Apprentice, Campus Bible Study, University of New South Wales

A careful, considered theological treatment of dating, spliced together with a rich mine of pastoral insights. This is such a helpful book to hand out to youth and young adults at church!

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Water for My Camels | Paul Grimmond |
£7.99 £6.79