True Worshippers (ebook)

True Worshippers ebook

Seeking what matters to God

Bob Kauflin

This book connects Sunday worship to the rest of our lives.

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Everyone worships. But Jesus tells us that God is seeking a particular kind of worshiper.

In True Worshipers, a seasoned pastor and musician guides readers toward a more engaging, transformative, and biblically faithful understanding of the worship God is seeking. True worship is an activity rooted in the grace of the gospel that affects every area of our lives. And while worship is more than just singing, God’s people gathering in his presence to lift their voices in song is an activity that is biblically based, historically rooted, and potentially life-changing.

Thoroughly based in Scripture and filled with practical guidance, this book connects Sunday worship to the rest of our lives—helping us live as true worshipers each and every day.

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Author Bob Kauflin
ISBN 9781783593811
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher IVP

Matt Redman

Recording Artist, Song-writer, Worship Leader, Brighton, UK

This important book will inform, instruct and inspire. Bob reminds us there’s a reason behind our rejoicing, and there’s substance beneath our singing. Bob patrols the theological borders of this book like a trusty doberman who won’t allow you to trespass into unhealthy attitudes and approaches in worship. But for all the patrolling, there’s even more pastoring. As you read the pages of this book, be open to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Be ready for him to guide you, remind you, re-align you, or surprise you—for your greater good and his greater glory.

Lauren Chandler

writer; speaker; singer; wife of Matt Chandler, The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas

True Worshipers is an incredibly helpful book for understanding what it means to worship God. It goes beyond our sanctuaries and stages, but it always starts with God. And it always starts with our hearts. I am grateful for Bob Kauflin’s refreshing honesty and humility as he shares from his experience. This book will be my first recommendation for those wanting to “lead worship” as well as anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God.

Tim Hughes

singer-songwriter; Director, Worship Central

This book brings together years of experience, prayer, study and discovery in a way that informs and inspires. For anyone passionate to grow deeper in their understanding of worship, this book is a fantastic thought-provoking read!

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True Worshippers (ebook) | Bob Kauflin | £7.99 £6.39