A Mess Worth Making

How the gospel can help us to work through the most stubborn problems that plague any relationship - be it marriage, parent-child, or friendship.

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While skillfully identifying the deeper issues that keep relationships less than they are designed to be, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp show readers how to experience the other side of relationships as well. They convincingly testify of the power of God’s presence to bring believers to the place where:

  • Conflicts actually get resolved

  • Tough conversations turn out positive

  • Forgiveness is granted and real love is expressed and shared

  • Casual relationships mature into deep friendships

  • Weaknesses are overlooked and strengths are applauded

  • People are honest without being mean

A book about relationships, written within the context of their own friendship, Tim and Paul’s new offering is straightforward about the relational disappointments that we all suffer. But they are also optimistic about the power of grace to redeem and restore our relationships.

Rather than presenting new or sophisticated techniques to make relationships flourish, the authors instead focus on the basic character qualities that can only be formed in the heart by the gospel. “We are called to be people of great character so that when we do come in contact with the world our character shapes and influences those around us. Even though relationships are messy, they are also what God uses to rescue us from ourselves,” say Tim and Paul.

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  • Chapter 1: The Shortest and Most Important Chapter of This Book
  • Chapter 2: Why Bother?
  • Chapter 3: No Options
  • Chapter 4: Sin
  • Chapter 5: Agendas
  • Chapter 6: Worship
  • Chapter 7: Talk
  • Chapter 8: Obstacles
  • Chapter 9: Forgiveness
  • Chapter 10: Hope
  • Chapter 11: Burdens
  • Chapter 12: Mercy
  • Chapter 13: Time and Money
  • Chapter 14: Provision
  • Chapter 15: Moving Out


Author Timothy Lane, Paul David Tripp
ISBN 9780977080762
Format Paperback
First published 2006
Dimensions 157mm x 234mm x 2mm
Language English
Pages 177
Publisher New Growth Press
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Relationships | Timothy Lane, Paul David Tripp | £14.99 £5.00