What happens to our profits?

When you buy from The Good Book Company, your money is going further than you think.

We're committed to using all that God gives us to serve him and his people, and that includes any profits he blesses us with. So anything we make from selling gospel resources to you is ploughed back into the work of the gospel.  

Putting our profits to good use

There are four main areas that we concentrate on as we seek to put our profits to good use:

1. Translating existing resources into other languages.

We employ a member of staff whose sole focus is to produce appropriate resources for use in non-English speaking countries around the world. Working alongside ministries such as Christianity Explored, we partner with local organisations to ensure accurate and useable translations as well as the widest possible distribution network so that the resources can reach the people who need them.

Translations are already in use in over 30 countries including Uganda, Poland, Bolivia and India. Many more translations are in the pipeline.

2. Pray, Prepare, Preach.

This is a project which we have developed together with the PPP Trust, which seeks to give practical help to Bible teachers around the world. The PPP study guides on various books of Scripture help preachers to understand the Bible text, and to think through how it applies to life in their particular situation. Many of the distributed books are in simple English, but we also translate in to other languages when we receive requests from local organisations.

Tens of thousands of study guides have already been distributed in dozens of countries at little or no cost, mainly thanks to recycled profits from The Good Book Company. The feedback from local pastors and their congregations has been overwhelmingly positive.

3. Supporting the work of Compassion.

We give a portion of the proceeds from a selection of Christmas cards to this wonderful Christian charity, which is one of the  world's leading child development and advocacy organisations. Working with local churches in 25 countries across the world, Compassion links children living in poverty with loving sponsors who give them access to education, nutritious food and health checks through the care of local church-based Compassion projects. Given the vast and complex needs of children living in poverty, Compassion also protects children and their caregivers in the long-term through interventions, providing safe drinking water for communities, malaria nets, life-saving surgery, malnutrition-prevention programmes, vocational training centres, and emergency relief after natural disasters. We are thrilled to be able to make a financial contribution to their work through sales of our Christmas cards. 

4. Essential (yet unprofitable) ministry resources.

There are a variety of resources which we consider to be helpful for Christian ministry but which lose money to write and publish.

One example of such a resource is Table Talk, a series designed to help families with younger children to talk about and learn from the Bible together. It doesn't make us money, but it does make a big difference to countless Christian families—which is what counts for us.

We are also working on evangelistic and discipleship resources to reach less literate sectors of our community, which place an emphasis on crystal-clear, simple English that is not patronising or childish in tone. Most publishers would understandably shy away from publishing for people who tend not to read many books, but if we are serious about reaching every sector of society with the gospel, we need to find ways of producing resources that will support local churches and individual Christians in doing just that.

All of these ministries are funded out of our other publishing activities. So you can be confident that when you pay for a book or a study guide, it is not only an investment in your own spiritual health, but also contributes towards bringing the life-giving message of Christ to many others.