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Showing you how real faith looks in real life

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Shows you how real faith looks in real life as you walk through this thrillingly challenging New Testament letter.

Part of the God's Word For You series.

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What is the difference between genuine faith and counterfeit faith? How do we know for sure that our faith is real? How can we know joy even in trials, and patience even in suffering?

James is a book full of practical, life-changing help for real life. James For You makes clear its teaching and applies its challenges to the experiences of everyday Christians as Sam Allberry brings his clarity, wisdom and humour to every page.

You can read through this book as a normal book… work through it as part of your daily Bible-reading routine… or use it to help you teach this letter, whether in small groups or from the pulpit.

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  • 1. Joy in trials
  • 2. Against pride and deception
  • 3. More than listening
  • 4. No favouritism
  • 5. Faith works
  • 6. Worse than sticks and stones
  • 7. Coming back to God
  • 8. On schedules and bank balances
  • 9. Patience in suffering
  • 10. Prayers that change things

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Author Sam Allberry
ISBN 9781784980320
Format eBook
First published September 2015
Print size 9pt
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher The Good Book Company

Justin Taylor

Vice President, Crossway; blogger, Between Two Worlds

In these pages Sam explains how this explosive letter can shape the way we relate to God, to the church, and to the world. If you are looking for an insightful, convicting, encouraging, accessible guide to the book of James, then this is the guide for you!

Chris Green

Vicar, St James Muswell Hill, north London; author of Cutting to the Heart

Pitch perfect. Deep enough to equip the reader for the trickiest passages, without overwhelming them with detail. We used this book in our congregation and the result was a well-fed and suitably challenged church.

Russell D. Moore

President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Soundly doctrinal, eminently practical, and beautifully devotional, this just might be the most accessible yet serious commentary on James available. I don't like to admit this, but I find many biblical commentaries tedious and boring—but there's nothing dry or abstract about James For You. Whether you're planning to preach or teach James or to listen to these ancient words to redirect your own life, Sam Allberry is a wise and faithful guide.

Independent reviews

Precious additions to any Christian's library

Gary McMurray, July 6th 2016

Sam's writing is clear, and easily accessible, with plenty of illustrations to explain the Bible text. … I had always previously imagined that James' letter was a kind of scattergun of wise words, almost like Proverbs in its randomness. Sam works hard to try to discern the structure of the letter. I found this really helpful … The structure seems to make a lot more sense, having read the book.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Clear. Well-written. Balanced.”

Sam Alberry's writing is very clear, straightforward and balanced on this commentary. Well, it's the book of James, but reading his commentary compared to others have both theological and practical depth. It's not too much technical and not too much practical. He has very good, deep, and strong insights on the book of James with very Christ exalting convictions. It was carefully and well-written. It really is straight to the point with pastoral care and is very conversational. I deeply recommend this book for starters, pastors, and those who are in the academe. I love this book.


“A helpful book to accompany your studies”

(Review written for 'James For You')

I used this as a companion when reading James and preparing notes for children's work to go alongside the sermon series we were doing. I found it easy to use and simply put, meaning that I could adapt what I was reading and learning myself for the children.
I would recommend this as a book to read alongside James and have extended times of study. It has depth without being overly academic and impenetrable.

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James For You (ebook) | Sam Allberry | £7.99 £6.39