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How Long, O Lord?

How Long, O Lord?

Reflections on suffering and evil

Meditations on suffering and evil and the questions they raise.

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Don Carson's experience as both biblical scholar and pastoral teacher combine here to give us a treatment of suffering under God's sovereignty which is outstandingly accurate, wise and helpful. He covers a wealth of biblical material with carefully reasoned clarity and umbrella-like relevance to help us prepare for whatever life may bring.

The author writes, with Bible in hand, less as a philosopher than as a devout and battered pilgrim. His meditations on suffering and evil and the questions they raise and address are solid study group materials conducive to faith, joy and hope.

All who follow the author's fast flowing argument will find their heads cleared and their hearts strengthened.

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  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Part 1: Thinking about Suffering and Evil
  • 1. First Steps
  • 2. False Steps
  • Part 2: Parts of the Puzzle: Biblical Themes for Suffering People
  • 3. The Price of Sin
  • 4. Social Evils, Poverty, War, Natural Disasters
  • 5. The Suffering People of God
  • 6. Curses and Holy Wars - and Hell
  • 7. Illness, Death, Bereavement
  • 8. From the Vantage of the End
  • 9. Job: Mystery and Faith
  • 10. The Suffering God
  • Part 3: Glimpses of the Whole Puzzle: Evil and Suffering in the World of a Good and Sovereign God
  • 11. The Mystery of Providence
  • 12. The Comfort of Providence
  • 13. Some Pastoral Reflections
  • Appendix: Reflections on AIDS
  • Scripture Index
  • Subject Index


Contributors Don Carson
ISBN 9781844741328
Format Paperback
First published October 2004
Dimensions 153mm x 229mm x 17mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 276
Publisher IVP
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How Long, O Lord? | Don Carson | £14.99 £11.49