God's Bible Timeline

The Big Book of Biblical History

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With colour illustrations, pictures, and pull-out timelines, this history book brings the whole Bible to life!

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With colour illustrations, pictures, and pull-out timelines, this history book brings the whole Bible to life! From Genesis to Revelation, from the beginning of time to the early church, from the first promise of a Saviour to the promise that one day that Saviour will return – this book spans all of time. Find out about how the God of all time spoke to his people and still speaks today through his Word.

- Partner book with God’s Timeline .

- Follows chronology of the Bible

- Highlights promise of the Messiah and God’s covenants

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Age range: 6 - 12
ISBN 9781527105904
Format Hardback
First published November 2020
Dimensions 302mm x 216mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher Christian Focus

Jonathan Master

President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, South Carolina

Linda Finlayson has a great gift for this kind of explanation, and her work, supplemented with delightful color illustrations and charts, makes this an ideal gift for young students of scripture — or for those who have the privilege of guiding children in their exploration of God’s Word.

Sharon James

Social Policy Analyst, The Christian Institute

Our Triune God reveals Himself through His mighty deeds in history. This book provides a wonderful series of timelines, maps and other visuals to help us place those events in their historical and geographical context. Along the way we can follow God’s redemptive plan in Christ, from Eden right through to the spread of the early church.

David Hogg

Senior Pastor, Christ Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

This resource is a wonderful tool that has the potential to guide many through God’s Word in a way that will help them see the whole picture of God’s revelation. The church is once again in Linda’s debt.

Customer reviews


“Informative for whole family”

This is an attractive brightly coloured book to read through or dip into for reference. Timelines make learning easier for children and adults with different learning styles when text is harder to understand. The continuity of the Messianic Line becomes clearer too. Numerous maps help understand the complexity of the region. A very good book to discuss together with a mix of generations. The full coloured pictures are attractive. An excellent book to buy for Christmas for the whole family.

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God's Bible Timeline | £13.99 £11.89