The Blockbuster Bible

The Blockbuster Bible

Behind the scenes of the Bible Story

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Innovative Bible paraphrase with a range of passages from Genesis to Revelation.

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Lights, Camera, Action...! Join 3D Freddie and Popcorn Sally for the Bible story, retold as never before.

Meet the Bible's best-loved characters through scripts and storyboards, movie posters and social media, acceptance speeches, and interviews with the stars. Discover a wide range of passages from Genesis to Revelation, written in a lively way but staying very close to the original text, complete with cast list, glossary, maps, and timelines. Follow the scene selection cards as a visual guide through the Bible story, and track the theme cards as the three big storylines unfold. Use flashbacks and flash-forwards to see how one Bible event links to another.

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Age range: 7 - 13
Author Andrew Prichard
ISBN 9780745977799
Format Hardback
First published 2019
Dimensions 215mm x 260mm x 19.5mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher Lion Hudson
Customer reviews

“Quality inside and outside the classroom”

As well as providing a welcome distraction in lessons, where boys have asked, 'What's the blockbuster Bible, sir?' this is such a helpful book. For classes it's visual and pacey, for families it is readable and light. I would recommend highly, especially as an alternative/partner to children's Bibles like the Lion version. It communicates the themes of the Bible like grace and God's sovereignty as well as its main characters. Money well spent.


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The Blockbuster Bible | Andrew Prichard | £16.99 £13.59