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What happens when I die? (Italian)

What happens when I die? (Italian)

and other questions about heaven, hell and the life to come

from 7 reviews

Outlining the Christian view of the afterlife clearly and simply from the Bible

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series.


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We all have questions about death. Despite the strong assurance the Bible gives us about life beyond the grave, Christians are often troubled by other questions. What will happen on the day of judgement? Will we have bodies in heaven? Will there be rewards?

Marcus Nodder brings clarity to an area where many Christians are confused, and shows that there is much that we can say for sure from the Bible. Highly accessible and suitable for all Christians.

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series: a range of short, simple books designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions and many more in the Bible.

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  • Introduction
    1. Why is death a problem?
    2. How can I be sure?
    3. What will happen to my body?
    4. What will it be like to die?
    5. How do we cope with bereavement?
    6. What will life be like in eternity?


Contributors Marcus Nodder
ISBN 9788897963219
Format Paperback
First published October 2015
Dimensions 114mm x 165mm x 8mm
Weight 0.12 kg
Language Italian
Pages 96
Publisher BE Edizioni

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David Peterson

former principal Oak Hill Theological College

This book grapples with some difficult questions about death and what lies beyond. In a clear and direct manner, it explains biblical teaching and uses contemporary illustrations and observations to show its relevance. Cutting through misconceptions and false beliefs, Marcus Nodder challenges us to take seriously what God has actually revealed on this all-important topic.

Jane Tooher

Director of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre, Moore Theological College

Our experiences in life may vary greatly, but what we all have in common is that one day we will die; and it is essential to know what happens when we do. The good news is we can know. In this book Marcus Nodder works through key biblical passages clearly showing us what happens after death. Marcus' pastoral heart and considerable experience is evident as he answers the common questions that many of us have about death, heaven, and judgment. Whether you believe in God or not, you will benefit greatly from the short time it takes to read this book.

Charles Price

Senior Pastor of The Peoples Church, Toronto. Host of Living Truth television and radio.

Reading a book on death that makes you glad to die means it must be a good book! At least, if not wanting to die prematurely, it breathed a quiet firm confidence that when that day inevitably comes, the sting of death has gone!  Marcus Nodder writes boldly, yet sensitively.  We are left in no doubt that certain crucial issues must be faced before death, so that certain crucial confidences can be anticipated after death. The ground of such hope is not wishful thinking, but the person, work and promises of Jesus Christ. This book is excellent for those facing their own mortality, for those who are bereaved, but especially for those who think death is just switching off a light. The truth is so much bigger than that, and the possibilities so much more wonderful!

Independent reviews

What happens when I die?

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, 2 Sep 2014

This is not an academic book, written in ignorance of the pain of death. It’s a book that integrates the promises of God with the experience of death. He begins by reflecting on the death of his dad, and I immediately warmed to the author as one who would empathise with people’s experiences.... continue reading


What happens when I die?

Julian Churcher, CMF, 1 Jul 2014

This title – in the series 'Questions Christians ask' – is aimed at sustaining and encouraging the believer in their future hope, and challenging the seeker. Practical related questions such as 'Are ghosts for real?' and 'Cremation or burial?' are addressed in turn at the end of each chapter, and plentiful quotes from diverse sources make the whole very readable.... continue reading

Customer reviews

8 Dec 2016

“Very helpful”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

Another fantastic book from this series. When "life after death" and "what we'll come back as" came up over dinner with unbelieving friends they were quite struck by the certainty of my response that we can be raised to life AS OURSELVES but without any of the broken bits!! Possible because Jesus has done it! I was able to answer with confidence because of what I read here about what the bible teaches. Thank you.

22 May 2016

“Clearly explained”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

Helpful and reassuring as I have recently lost my Christian husband. Also helpful to pass to a non believer. The whole Christian teaching was clearly explained. Excellent.

31 Jul 2014

“A really helpful read”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

I wish this book had been around a few years ago when I was dealing with the death of a Christian loved one. I found it a hugely encouraging summary on the Bible's teaching on death and a big challenge to face up to one of society's taboos. I have already bought copies for believing friends and would recommend it.

22 Jul 2014

“Short, readable, well written”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

One of the great the great things about this series of books is that – for the most part – the book and the chapter headings are pitched as a series of questions - “What happens when you die?” is the big one but then this is examined in each chapter by asking:
Why is death such a problem?
How can I be sure?
What will happen to my body?
What will it be like to die?
How will we cope with bereavement?
What will it be like in eternity?

And then – smaller sections are given over to even pithier questions:
Should we pray for the dead?
Are ghosts for real?
Cremation or burial?
Soul sleep or with the Lord?
Are there rewards in heaven?
Will we recognise loved ones?
What is the soul or spirit?
Will we see our pets again?

If you want to know the answer to any or all of these questions – then pick up this short, readable and well written book. The great strength of this book is that it marshals the evidence of the bible well to answer all of these questions. My conclusion is that I recommend this book to help you answer your questions about what happens when you die.

1 Nov 2013

“A biblical overview but not an encouragement.”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

I bought this book following the death of a close believing relative. I wanted a book to give to grieving relatives who were asking questions about what happens after death. Personally I found the book rather depressing, with its initial emphasis on hell more than heaven. I decided not to give it to the relatives but have spoken to them about heaven instead. I do not agree it was 'warm and pastorally sensitive' as in a previous review.

Thanks for your review, and our apologies if the promotional description was less than helpful. This is not a book, or indeed a series for everyone. It is quite specifically aimed at believing Christians to explain in detail the Bible's teaching about death and what comes next. So it is much more full and detailed than a book that is aimed at recently bereaved and grieving people who may or may not be believers. We have other resources that are designed more specifically for use you had in mind - have a look at Hope to Carry On on our website.

In the context of the book, it is very necessary to start with judgement, because that is the very reason that death exists at all. The Lord Jesus and all the other Bible writers are clear that there is Christian hope beyond the grave only for those who have put their trust Christ.

6 Jul 2013


(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

An excellent treatment of this subject

18 Jun 2013

“clear concise accessible teaching on an important topic”

(Review written for 'What happens when I die?')

what a brilliant book! Having read it, I immediately ordered 10 more copies to give away. It is clear, concise and suitable for Christians & unbelievers: free of jargon & Christian language, it is easy to understand, and pulls together teaching on what happens after death from many parts of the Bible. It addresses the questions people frequently ask, and gives simple straightforward answers. Very Biblical, warm & pastorally sensitive. The best book I have come across on this subject especially for friends not familiar with the Bible.

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