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Click Unit 9: 8-11s Leader's Manual

Click Unit 9: 8-11s Leader's Manual

Easy-to-use, Bible-centered teaching material for 8-11s

from 7 reviews

Unit 9 for 8-11s looks at the subject of 'People of Faith from Hebrews 11'.

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Remember Remember

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Unit 9 for 8-11s looks at the subject of 'People of Faith from Hebrews 11'.

This manual is designed to be used with the specific child's component and posters for this unit. There is also a Leader's Pack available.

CLICK is a Bible-based programme for teaching and discipling children from 3-11 years. The CLICK curriculum is based on the belief that the Bible’s own theological framework should direct what is taught and how it is taught. CLICK is Bible-based, teaching the major events, concepts and doctrines of the Bible. It’s also great fun!

Each comprehensive Leader's Manual includes:

  • ten Bible teaching sessions
  • engaging and purposeful activities, games and crafts
  • music suggestions
  • extension ideas for more able children
  • photocopiable masters for visual aids and activities

Product details


  • People of Faith from Hebrews 11
    1. God's big plan
    2. Noah (Hebrews 11 v 1,7; Genesis 5-9)
    3. Abraham (Hebrews 11 v 8-22; Genesis 12, 15, 22)
    4. Moses (Hebrews 11 v 23-29; Exodus 3, 14)
    5. Rahab (Hebrews 11 v 31; James 2; Joshua 2, 6)
    6. Keep on going by Faith (Hebrews 11 v 39-40, 12 v 1-3)
    7. Gideon (Hebrews 11 v 32-34; Judges 6-7)
    8. Deborah (Hebrews 11 v 32-34; Judges v 1-22)
    9. Samson (Hebrews 11 v 32-34; Judges 13-16)
    10. This is it (Hebrews 1 - 12 v 3)
    11. Easter - The Emmaus Road (Luke 24 v 1-35)


Age range: 8+
Contributors Alison Mitchell
Format Paperback
First published September 2007
Dimensions 210mm x 297mm x 6mm
Weight 0.26 kg
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

17 Apr 2015


(Review written for 'Click Unit 9: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component)')

I was disappointed to find that I was unable to download a printable version of the drama in Unit 9 Session 11, The Emmaus Road. The session is designed to be presented as a drama using OHP! I'm not sure OHP's are used much any more and it would have been far more helpful and less time consuming had a printed version been available.

Dear Annie,

Sorry that you were unable to access this resource in the format that would have been most helpful. If you need any further pages as printable, please do just email us on and we can send you a PDF that you can print.

The Good Book Team

2 Oct 2014

“Unit 9 review”

(Review written for 'Click Unit 9: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component)')

We've been using the Click materials for over a year now. We have used them in a different order to the numbered click series to suit the calendar and it has worked well. There is so much material in the teacher's books that we have sometimes split the first lesson into two parts and, at the end of the series added an overview lesson - so that children get an overall picture of what they've done and can complete any activities in the booklets that go with each series.

Image my disappointment when I saw that the activities that accompany Unit 9 consist of some miniature 'swop cards'. How are these supposed to be useful either in the lesson or for the child as a take-home activity? I can't see the point of these nor can I really justify spending the money on them. Click needs to get this one sorted!!

Also, the CEV memory verses do not seem to aid memory so much as other Bible translations. How about ESV or NIV instead - which would fit with the Bibles the children bring to class.

15 Jan 2014


(Review written for 'Click Unit 9: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component)')

As always a great resource for Sunday School. Ages range from 6-11 in our group and we can use these lessons easily. We have used this since Book 1 (and the 5-7's books before that) and are still impressed with all that the course covers and the creative ways that are included. There are only cards to take home with this series and I"m not sure if they'll make much impact. Have just done the first lesson in this book - on Faith - and look forward to the character studies that we'll be following. Incidentally, a new teacher in our Sunday School has been very impressed with the Biblical input, quality and scope of the Click series since she started using it with us. Would recommend Click for any Sunday School.

20 Jul 2013

“Good theme generally ”

I am really enjoying the main theme of the book and the heroes of Hebrews.
I love that there are men and women for both girls and boys to relate to.
I like the memory verses and have adapted the methods of committing them to memory to suit our church's group's particular needs.

My group is very mixed and not regular so the fact that the sessions can be stand alone is good but some activities are not suitable. There could be more help or suggestions for activities which could interest boys, for example, building and using construction materials - lego, plasticine, mobile etc - the boys in my group will not sing age range yr 2 to yr 6 and acting for most is out. Our sessions take place off site so carrying materials is an issue, i need to be able to do session with the minimum of materials too. I personally am not convinced of the usefulness of the paper based activities for this age group - i know it would be fantastic if parents looked at paper and asked questions etc and built on what had been taught/learnt that morning but think it more likely that it gets crumpled up or left at church for me to dispose of. Having said all this i have loved teaching this to my group and have used it as a springboard for my my own activities and crafts. Thanks for the great idea of studying this passage it is so useful and thought provoking. I think I have conveyed my excitement abut these characters to my group - they probably think I am a it mad as they have not heard of them all!!

We are bit poor too as church plant so i did not purchase the other materials so cannot comment on them but the book refers to them a lot for the teaching - so the book itself could be seen to be dependant on the purchase of the other materials also which makes it a significant investment for smaller churches especially where attendance is erratic.

22 Jan 2012

“Solid and easy to prepare but a little young for 10 & 11s”

We've been using CLICK for about 2 years and have found the material solid and easy to prepare. We don't purchase a child's book for every child because it's too expensive, but we use the book included in the leader's pack as a springboard for additional discussion ideas. Unfortunately, this series didn't include a book but rather trading cards which aren't useful to us at all. I really like how teacher-friendly the lessons are, but our 10 and 11s find the activities childish, and our pastoral team aren't happy with the CEV memory verses. However, we work around these because we feel the CLICK program is still worth using.

8 Apr 2008

“Unit 9 review”

THis is the second unit we have used. We have just started it, and so far it is brilliant. The children are excited about the goal of producing an exhibition. We like the theme, and each session is very well planned with a variety of activities to keep it interesting. We like the Bible-based content, with the aims of developing the children's understanding of the 'big picture'. This theme'Heroes of Faith' is great - just what children need to be given nowadays. The resource materials are very good,and it is very helpful to have it all planned and organised for you.

5 Apr 2008

“disappointed with just 8 picture cards!”

Usually we're delighted with the material for all sorts of reasons - in fact we just asked the church to EXTEND our time with the children as there's so much packed in each week. THEN...just after we get more time, we buy unit 9 and the colourful magazine with a page a week is replaced with a little picture on a piece of card! (for the same price!)

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