Why set up a church bookstall?

An active church bookstall that is well run and well maintained, and that has the full backing of the church leadership, has a vital ministry within the local church. It provides resources that will help church members grow in and share their faith, and which they can give or lend to others. All of the resources that we publish or promote at The Good Book Company share this aim of discipleship and evangelism, so we greatly value our partnership with church bookstalls in getting our resources into the right hands.

Our service

Many Christian bookshops offer excellent bookstall services. However, where these are not available we have developed a service that aims to make it as easy as possible to keep your bookstall well stocked, financially viable and attractive to the congregation. As a registered bookstall manager you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Base rate 20% discount on most bookstall purchases (with the exception of some Bibles and third party titles)
  • Book of the Term special offers
  • Book reviews and suggested church notices
  • Practical help with bookstall presentation
  • Regular email updates
  • Efficient and friendly service

What are the terms?

One official bookstall manager can be nominated per church who will receive a separate TGBC account to be used for bookstall purchases. This account will benefit from a base rate 20% discount on most purchases (see above) and free carriage on orders over £25 after discount.

All orders are on invoice, which means they must be paid for within 90 days. Products that are returned will be checked to make sure they are in a re-salable condition, and a credit note will be sent to you which can be used to offset future invoices.


Carriage is free on all orders over £25 after discount. We pay the postage on the way out, but you are responsible for carriage of any returns. Please don’t over-order, as this may result in a large carriage bill when you return items, and please make sure that the books are adequately packed. We cannot credit you for any books we cannot resell. DPD offer a collection service which we can organise for you. The charge for this service is £10 per box, this can then be added onto your final invoice.

Managing a Bookstall: Hints and Tips

Here are some helpful pointers on running a church bookstall from some experienced bookstall managers.

  • Running a church bookstall is tremendously worthwhile. You are not there just to sell books as an end in itself. Seek for a bookstall ministry that provides resources that will help those in your church to grow in and share their faith.
  • Therefore, remember to pray to the Lord for guidance in selecting Bible-based, Christ-centred books, and how best to recommend them to others.
  • Slightly vary the stock on display every week to keep the display fresh and engaging – and highlight the changes.
  • Try to stock books that tie in with your church’s ministries and sermon series. Work with your ministry team. If they back up your recommendations, it really helps.
  • As your bookstall grows, aim to stock a range of books for all ages and levels of Christian maturity, as well as for seekers.
  • Reading Christians are growing Christians. Make reading books yourself a real priority so that you can effectively recommend the books you sell.
  • Have high standards of integrity. Suggest appropriate books for a particular person. People will then come to trust your judgement.
  • Try to provide a fast and friendly service for customers and church orders. Give realistic estimates as to when you might be able to get the book for them.
  • Make sure you keep accurate records of stock purchases, sales, receipts and expenditure, and debtors and creditors.
  • Running a bookstall can be a big job, so involve others. Help is good, and it’s a great way for others in the church to serve.
  • Bookstalls can often attract new people who are nervous about starting conversations, so use the opportunity to be a welcomer.

If you have any points you think would be helpful for others, please let us know and we can add them to this section.

Please contact Dean Faulkner at dean@thegoodbook.co.uk if you have any questions or comments.