Lolly-stick Summer Fun

Emily Robertson | July 19th 2016

The holidays are a matter of days away, and with 6 long weeks of school-free time fast approaching, there are definitely anxieties floating around about just how exactly us mums are going to fill the days of our little half-lings with all things fun and creative.

Excluding time away, and days spent outside in the glorious British sunshine (so far so good), there are inevitably going to be days spent primarily at home—with no planned activity. And there, as Shakespeare so eloquently put it, lies the rub.

It is during these times that I am more aware than ever for my need of the Holy Spirit to help me give my girls the love, patience, gentleness, and joy that they need to thrive. But I’m also aware that there are some practical things I can be doing in preparation for those afternoons where restless children have lost the ability to entertain themselves, and need some creative ideas to set them on the right path again... After all—to slightly mangle a proverb—“the wise man [or mum] thinks ahead” (Proverbs 13 v 16).

So this summer I've brainstormed some activity ideas perfect for writing on lolly sticks and placing in a jar, ready for those moments when little hands are in desperate need of a little creative inspiration.

Why not take a look and add your own ideas at the bottom of the screen. The more the merrier!

(And if all else fails—and your little ones are still clamouring for a screen—at least you'll have fun eating the lollies...)

30+ lolly-stick activities:

  • Make a cake for a friend or someone you love
  • Write a letter or make a card for someone you love and post it
  • Make up some dance moves to your favourite song
  • Make a craft from the craft book
  • Create an obstacle course around the garden and time yourself around it
  • Create and perform a short play
  • Create a “count your blessings” jar and fill it with thanks
  • Listen to your favourite story CD
  • Write a list of all your favourite foods and some you'd like to try
  • Tidy up a room of your choice
  • Ask mummy if there's something you can do to help her today
  • Build a bug hotel in the garden and go on a bug hunt
  • Go shopping to get some food to take to the local food-bank
  • Read a book
  • Spend 20 minutes colouring/ working in an activity book
  • Re-enact your favourite Bible story
  • Make paper-chains to decorate your room
  • Watch a YouTube video to learn how to create a new hair style
  • Create a picture of your favourite memory and then share it with someone
  • Play a board game
  • Make a chalk mural on the fence or patio
  • Build a fort
  • Use a mirror to draw a picture of your own face
  • Create a vet’s practice with all your soft toys
  • Play a sports game on the Kinect
  • Practice face-painting on a willing sibling
  • Paint your finger and toe-nails
  • Make a rainbow collage
  • Make a robot or something else from stuff in the recycling bin
  • Find some snails and have a snail race
  • Build a lego tower that touches the ceiling
  • Plan a treasure hunt
  • Play hide and seek
  • Find 1 thing in your room that you can give away to someone
  • Make mummy a drink and a snack

For lots more play ideas for little ones check out Play Through The Bible.

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Emily Robertson

Emily specialises in email marketing at TGBC, where she works on product launches, promotions, and brand campaigns across 4 territories. Emily lives in Chessington, South West London, with her husband Dave, and their 2 lively daughters. She is a member of Emmanuel Epsom, a fledgling church plant from Chessington Evangelical Church. Emily studied English Literature at Cambridge University before joining TGBC marketing team.

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