Messages that Move eBook just £1!

Dean Faulkner | Oct 15, 2013

We've all sat through Bible talks and sermons that meander all over the place going nowhere, or are just plain dull and uninteresting. But, whatever your involvement in your church or ministry, the law of averages suggests that at some time you will be called upon to talk in some way about a biblical topic. That doesn't mean preaching from the front of church necessarily, but just in some group format, in a home study, youth group or wherever. If you are like me, you'd take all the help you can get in putting that talk together.

Well seasoned preacher and youth pastor Tim Hawkins is on our side too. In Messages that Move, Tim provides great help and understanding in getting our listeners engaged with our talks or sermons.

Get the e-book version HERE for just £1 until midnight on Thursday. Simply use the code mtme10 at the checkout.

Dean Faulkner

Dean is the Sales Manager at The Good Book Company. He engages with churches, organisations and individuals to provide them with useful resources for their varying ministries. Dean attends St John's Church in Woking, where he lives with his family.