Something for the Weekend: 21st May

Tim Thornborough | May 20th 2016

Something to help you show compassion

This last week has been mental health awareness week. A quarter of all people will suffer from a mental health problem at some stage during their lives. This article gives us 5 ways to be a friend to someone with a mental illness.

Something to help you live with joy

A fascinating insight into how G.K.Chesterton found joy in the “sacred intoxication of existence”. Excellent—and much needed—for overworked and stressed people!

Something to help you understand a complex question

You can’t escape the cultural rush towards transgender inclusivity—it’s everywhere. Once again, it seems that we Christians are on the back foot in our thinking on this. A good place to start would be the questions outlined in this helpful article.

Something to encourage parents teach their children

All parents struggle to keep teaching their children from the Bible. This is a great testimony of what someone learned from his family's devotions, and how it has shaped his life and faith. Encouraging!

Something to help you answer an objection

“Christians are all hypocrites”. Many people assume it, even if they don’t articulate it. David Robertson gives us a great answer to articulate when in conversation.

Something to make you smile

A simple diagram on how academics and non-academics solve problems.

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Tim Thornborough

Tim Thornborough is the founder and Publishing Director of The Good Book Company. He is series editor of Explore Bible-reading notes, and has contributed to many books published by the Good Book Company and others. He is married to Kathy and has three adult daughters.