Something for the Weekend: 7th May

Tim Thornborough | May 6th 2016

Something to make you go red in the face over “political correctness”

I know that, if you fit into the category of raging against this modern trend, you won’t need any more encouragement. Still, this list, and the explanations will help you see more deeply into a culture that is at one and the same time judgemental and moralistic, and totally opposed to judgementalism and moralism.

Something to help you not be confused about discipleship

Apologies if we have been part of the problem on this. It sometimes seems that living as a Christian is very complicated, and that we have to be on top of lots and lots of different things at the same time. This post pares back the expectation to something clear, simple and practical. Can you guess what it is?

Something for procrastinators

This TED talk by blogger Tim Urban has had over 4 million views since it was released a couple of months ago. Must be a lot of procrastinators out there. Check it out if you’re one of them… or put it off to another day!

Something to change the way you think about ministry

We all tend to think about “full-time Christians” in ministry and “volunteers” in ministry. Understanding the word “Stipend” is a game changer: The Church does not depend on ‘volunteers’.

Something geeky that will mesmerise you (or anyone else you share it with)

It's weird, but this video of paperclips being made is compelling viewing.

Something to ask each week at church

A church-planting pastor in South London poses an important question that is rarely asked…

Something to help you memorise scripture

One of our authors Nick McDonald makes an important distinction between knowing a verse, and understanding a verse.

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Tim Thornborough

Tim Thornborough is the founder and Publishing Director of The Good Book Company. He is series editor of Explore Bible-reading notes, and has contributed to many books published by the Good Book Company and others. He is married to Kathy and has three adult daughters.

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