How to prioritise evangelism at Easter

Jonty Allcock | February 11th 2020

On any given day we are constantly making choices about what comes first, and our priorities are reflected in our choices. So, there may be a number of chocolates that you like as you open the new box—but which one first? There may be a whole pile of things on your to-do list—but which comes first?  

According to the apostle Paul, these things are of first importance:  

That Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared…  (1 Corinthians 15:3-5) 

Here is Paul laying bare his life and saying what really matters. The events of the first Easter are not simply on the important list—they sit at the top of that page. Nothing matters more. 

So here is a simple challenge as Easter approaches. Will we let the “first-important-ness” of these events hit us afresh? Here are three ways it might transform our experience of Easter as we reclaim Jesus’ death and resurrection as of first importance.

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1. Greater personal joy 

One of the greatest “joy robbers” in the Christian life is when other things take the most important place in our lives. It happens all the time. If the most important thing in our lives becomes what I need to do, what I need to sort, what I need to achieve, then life quickly becomes stressful and out of balance. But when the first thing in my life is what Christ has DONE it leads to a deep sense of peace and freedom.  

As you approach Easter, why not take the chance to reflect on the priorities that you find in your life. Has Jesus slipped down the agenda? Has his work become less important than your work? Do you find yourself increasingly stressed by all the important things that need to be done?  

If so, ask God for a fresh perspective on the work of Jesus this Easter.  

2) A new look at our diaries

If someone was to pick up your diary/schedule what would they assume was the most important thing in your life? Our priorities shape our diaries. We often say that we are too busy and don’t have time to read the Bible or disciple others or build relationships with our neighbours. But what are the things that we absolutely do have time for? Are the things that keep us busy really things of first importance?  

Paul organised his life and his diary around these fundamental truths.

This is not an appeal to fill our diaries with more stuff—it is more a suggestion that we sometimes stop and see what is filling our time. What are the things that go FIRST into our diary? What are the things that we build everything else around?  

3) A fresh passion for evangelism 

It is hard to get excited about telling people semi-important things. But when those truths have gripped our hearts and lives it becomes much more natural to speak.  

I find it fascinating that the early church in Acts were not told repeatedly “You must evangelise”. It was obvious to them. If he died for our sins, was buried, rose and appeared, what could be more important than telling people that? 

Evangelism is hard when Jesus slips down the agenda. So, this Easter, don’t go out and tell people about Jesus “because you have to”. Rather, seek a deeper understanding of Jesus and let that drive you out with a passion to share this news.

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Jonty Allcock

Jonty Allcock is pastor at the Globe Church in central London. He is married to Linda and loves being a dad to three sons. Jonty is the author of Impossible Commands, Lost, Hero and Fearless.

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