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Joe Henegan | October 1st 2019

Christmas isn’t quite upon us, but if you’re a church leader, chances are you’re already thinking (panicking) about your Christmas services. 

Church, now is your time to shine. You’ve got this. You know the gospel, you preach it well, week in, week out. There’s nothing to panic about. It’s going to be church, just as we know it, but more… tingly.

While many commercial, secular Christmas celebrations may be able to outdo us in budget and size, they cannot get near the authentic intimacy and community of a local church’s carol service. Only we can do this, and it's our responsibility to get it right.

It’s hard to pull together a new Christmas outreach campaign every year. But we’re here to help…

The Gift Christmas Resources

The Book

You need to give your guests something to take away and read over the Christmas holidays. This is essential. The Gift by Glen Scrivener is a lively and thought-provoking introduction to the God who gives at Christmas. 

The Gift

The Gift

£2.99 £2.54

A lively and thought-provoking introduction to the God who gives at Christmas.

Matching flyer available

Powerpoint slides

These 3 slides will not only save you heaps of time but are professionally designed to create consistency throughout your promotion and during the service itself.

Promotional graphics

We’ve also designed various promotional graphics to help you invite friends and family to the services. There’s graphics that can be posted on social media, one you could use on your website and another that could be used in an email. Use these to promote the services to both your congregation and potential guests.

Customised Cards/Invites

Customised cards make stylish and eye-catching invitations to Christmas services. We can overprint details of your services alongside a festive greeting from your church to the local neighbourhood. We can also include your church logo or other chosen image alongside your personal greeting. Find out more here.

Download the whole suite of resources here. 

Joe Henegan

Joe is our Marketing Manager. He lives in South London with his wife and two daughters and is a member at River Church Sutton - part of the Newfrontiers network - where he runs a small group and various outreach activities.

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