On the Podcast with Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr Ewing | September 4th 2020

The existence of pain and suffering is one of the most common objections against the God of the bible. Amy Orr-Ewing has encountered the problem of suffering both in her personal life and in her work as the President of OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

In this episode we talk to her about new book from our popular Questioning Faith series. 

Amy Orr Ewing

Over the last twenty years, Amy has spoken about how the Christian faith answers the deepest questions of life on university campuses around the world. She is a regular speaker on TV, radio and has addressed politicians in the Speakers Rooms and Chapel at the UK Parliament, on Capitol Hill, and to West Wing staff at the White House. Dr Orr- Ewing gained her undergraduate degree her doctorate from the University of Oxford. She is President of OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and the co-founder of REBOOT, a youth initiative aimed at helping young people think deeply about faith, which now runs in countries all over the world. Amy is married to Frog and helps lead Latimer Minster, a church community based on a farm in Buckinghamshire. They have three children.

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